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Daytona 675 vs Street Triple?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by drjay555, Dec 30, 2012.

  1. For sometime now have been toying with the idea of a second bike. Sort of more fun on the twisties. Havent ridden either but tho't of asking NR members about the two Triumph's - Daytona and Striple. I tend to prefer the lean forward position of the Daytona. Any ideas? What makes it hard is that Triumph have released 'new' models for 2013 with significant upgrades. I would have preferred a secondhand one. Is there any particular year after which the bike(s) have improved greatly?
    thanks for any info.

  2. If you go Daytona anything 09'+ would be the go. and make sure the R/R has been changed 1st.
  3. What sort of riding do you mainly do?
    I've just done a 200K+ ride today, everything from freeway, Arthurs seat so twisty and commuting. The StripleR easily handles every situation and is relatively comfortable. I chose this today over my Duc as I have a stuffed shoulder and knew it'd be far less painfull.
  4. Anything from short to long rides, but love the twisties. Did CSS and fell in love with the PI track. Would love to go back again. Thought the Daytona would be good for track days as well.
  5. Your current bike is kind of like a Z1000 with fairing? Then I suspect the Daytona would be a good counterpoint in the garage rather than a smaller version of what you already have (in terms of riding postion at least). The Daytona will also fit the bill if your planning a few track days.
  6. thought it would go well alongside the thou'. I keep lowering the handlebars on my bikes, did it on the 650 and now on the Ninja thou' cos I feel more comfortable leaning forward than sitting upright. The Daytona has a full on sports position which is something I experienced on a gixxer 600 at CSS , which I did get to enjoy as well . After reading rider reviews it sounds like the Trumpys have a big fan club. Geez, this is becoming a magnificent obsession.:LOL:
  7. If track days are part of your agenda you will love the Daytona675. Hubby had one, for his stress relive and it worked. I never wanted to touch it but he convinced me one day out on my favoured road....OMG it was so good he had to pray me off the bike, he was one of the lucky first 4000 in the world to own one (2006) very reliable, he clocked 35000 km in 13 months and had one concern with performance and it was a dead CAT. I think you will love it and going by what hubby told me what he would get now is a RR, but he don't do the track thing so when he buys a 675 I think he would just want one for the sake of owning one.
  8. I can attest to the R/R problem... mine gave out just before Easter last year and took the ECU with it (as well as every bulb in the system). The original shunt (or diode) R/R was unreliable and replaced in the '09 release by a mosfet based unit.
  9. Wow that is weird, but I guess there will be the weird ones in any model and make. Is your sorted now?
  10. W went out for what was supposed to be a cruisey ride, well until mr gixxer did a u turn and followed us up Mt Dandenong. Let's just say he and I had some fun around the first half.

    The StripleR makes me question keeping my 1098, they are absolute poles apart and I'm no where near as confident doing what I do on the StripleR verus the 1098 on the roads. The question that keeps running through my head is to sell the 1098 and get a Streetfighter, the comfort of the seating position, higher and wider bars on the StripleR are all pluses, never ridden as SF but would imagine it'd be in between the two.

    It'll be a tough choice for you, just take into account what you will really use the bike for.
  11. If its a purely weekend machine, with the odd track day, and no commute, try the Daytona. The Striple is brilliant but it may feel like a lighter but less powerful version of your current bike on a test ride. If you wanted a do-everything-great bike, I'd say the Striple, but since you are suggesting only twisty rides and track days, the Daytona is a no-brainer.
  12. Yeah, they ended up transplanting an R/R from a brand new '11 model 675R to get me going. I was without my bike (sole transport method) for a total of just under 10 weeks waiting parts (the ECU took in excess of 4 weeks) and was only sorted after I spoke with the head of Triumph Australia otherwise I was on the end of a 40+ queue for a new R/R bound for Australia from Hinchinbrook. Luckily, the whole episode was covered by warranty 'cause I imagine the dollars added up with a new R/R, stator, ECU and all the labour!

    Back on topic: I use the Daytona nearly every day from peak hour traffic to fun in the twisties on the weekend and find her equally versatile performing either task.

  13. I know that Triumph did the full on recall and replaced the R/R on Street Triples, even my early model one, regoed in 2008.

    I assume they also did the Daytonas.
  14. And it appeared that Triumph honour faulty R/R's out of warranty in case you missed the recall.
  15. thanks for all the info. I was looking at 2009 and after model. Getting excited just thinking of see it standing next to the Ninja :)
    SIGH..... now got to work on the General...