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daytona 675 vs other 600's...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by markwearspants, Nov 16, 2009.

  1. Hello all

    ok ive just got off restrictions and really like the daytona 675. heard amazing things about it. ive seen alot of comparative videos on youtube and blogs. but alot of them are from users. (and a motorcycle owner will never point out the faults on their new bike)

    so its either the daytona 675, cbr600rr, r6, zx-6? and im even thinking the ducati monster 696, i know its a completely different bike but heard nice things about it.

    what would u suggest?
    i know i still have to test ride and see whats best for me.

    thanks heaps
  2. I have test ridden the 2009 versions of the 675, cbr600rr, and r6. I wasn't sold on the looks of the zx6-r but have heard it is as good or even better than the cbr600rr non-abs.

    In order of preference and purchase,


    The 675 is a phenomenal bike. I also think it is the coolest and sexiest looking bike of them all. It is Fast and FUN, has great pull throughout the rev range. This means the throttle is more sensitive to use than the other bikes, but the power and acceleration feels very linear and therefore easy to ride.

    The bike sounds really impressive especially with a subtle crackle and burble pop from the exhaust on a blipping downshift..

    However, it has the tallest seating position. I am 5'10" and had concerns about this before the test ride, but this was soon overlooked quickly when I rode it. The seating position at speed feels natural and composed. You just need to grip the tank with your knees, more so than you would have on a smaller bike. I was able to flat foot it on one foot, with a slight tilt.

    Brakes were excellent, best stopping power of the lot. Maybe even a touch too sensitive than the rest.

    As for the R6, it's either all or nothing. Feels very limp in the lower revs, almost 250cc like, even more so with the piss weak sound in this range. But the revs can build up very quickly pass the mid range and the whoop factor of the engine works and sounds hard to get up to very fast speeds. But at this point, you would be going way over the speed limit.

    On the hot day, there was quite a lot heat coming from the fairings, with the fan kicking too in traffic, how bearable this heat depends on your resilience but I found it be too hot on my legs and couldn't stand the thought of riding it day to day in summer heat. It is probably not the best bike to ride for city commuting and traffic.

    The CBR600RR to me is a better performing bike than the r6, it fills the gap between the r6 and 675 in terms of having the lowest seat height, more linear power and usable torque in the lower rev range. However, there's nothing really exciting about it - it doesn't have the race winning reputation of the r6 nor does it look anywhere near appealing to the elegance of the 675.

    In all, I believe the 675 makes you feel involved in the ride, as if you are really in control of it and making it work. The r6 looks hot but can you live with it everyday? Choose the CBR600RR if you want a comfortable, do it all, no hassle sportsbike.
  3. trumpy is on my radar at the moment and im looking to buy. I fell in love after riding one a few weeks ago.

    as per the above i agree with everything mr g has said about the daytona.

    As im sure youll be told, go ride it yourself!
  4. Make sure you include an insurance quote in making your decision man, i was gonna go for the same group of bikes til i got quoted 3K a year on an R6.

    I can drink alot of beer for 3 grand.
  5. I pay something like 6-700.00 for my 675 Daytona.

    I find the Daytona easy to live with day to day commuting. The power is so easy to use around town.
    But when you get into the twisties OMG what fun we have :)
  6. I recently went through the same decision making process. I rode the cbr, gsxr,D675, and a z750 ( just for good measure),all 09 models. I got the same feeling about the gsxr (would make a great trackday bike) the cbr was the most relaxed to ride. The daytona was defiantly the most engaging, very intuitive to ride, love the midrange torque. The z750, great bike just not for me, to sanitised (I’d get bored to fast).
    Having come to the conclusion that the z was not for me, the next was the cbr although it’s an awesome bike (very flexible) also not for me. The gsxr is a fantastic package but not for me (I’d lose my licence within a week). So that left the decision between the Daytona and the street triple.
    The heart was saying Daytona, whist the head said Street triple.
    The Daytona is an awesome package on the highways and back mountain roads, where it becomes a little difficult is in heavy traffic or slow stop start (urban work). If I lived in an urban environment the street would defiantly have been the choice. But as I live in a back mountain country road environment I chose a 09 D675
    Picking her up (Lil, short for Little trumpy) at the shop 5 weeks ago.
    2500k,s later this bike is amazing she still surprises me with how capable she is. but be warned they are a bike to be respected, they certainly would be very capable of biting if not understood and handled with care. They aren't a bike I would recommend to an inexperienced rider. My recomendation is to honestly assess all the bikes and your own needs and experience for your self.
    Hope this helps
  7. The heat from the underseat exhaust can be a bit of a P.I.T.A in slow traffic, and I needed a replacement voltage regulator which was fixed out of warranty for free by my awesome dealer. (Brisan's Newcastle).

    That being said...

    I love my 675 and I don't know why everyone isn't on one. I'm sure glad they are as rare as they are though! It is, in my opinion, the perfect bike. And if I ever I feel like I am getting to the limits of the bike, I know there are plenty of those who have made theirs faster, more nimble and more composed (just look at some of [FLUX]'s work).

    I also get a lot of comments when filling up at the petrol station that I don't think I would get on a Japanese bike. It kind of exudes character.

    And the looks, well, they speak for themselves.

  8. For me:

    Height: Thin seat, I'm 5'4 and I ride it fine after some learning and adjustment.
    Power: Very linear delivery, I commute on mine in CBD / highway and urban traffic fine. City traffic? I like to play in traffic, its fun. :grin:
    Looks: FUKN SEXY. People comment on it endlessly, it stands apart, its not common, it's not like every other sheep who gets a jap-inline-4
    Heat: Quite an issue in traffic and I'm still looking at ways to resolve it.
    Note: Bugger the noise coming out of the back, go ride one and load the f^&* out of 1st, 2nd and 3rd, the INDUCTION noise is the seller for me - fukn horn!
    Insurance: $1200 full comp for me but I staked my car a few times in my earlier years and I NEED full comp, if you've seen me ride you'll understand when I say I'm going to put it down this summer - fact.

    I test rode an R6, cbr600r, street triple then the Daytona 675. I rode the Daytona for about 8 seconds and I was sold. Pretty simple.

    Go test ride one, then decide what colour you want.
  9. Pretty much the same here, just upgraded from my trusty ZZR250 to the D675. I only test rode the 08 CBR600 and the 675 but was sold on the 675 and didnt bother riding anything else.

    The CBR felt a little more powerful and more comfortable around town, the 675 (I have 1300 kms on it now) is a little more aggressive and u have to have a good riding position to be comfortable.

    The underseat exhaust and heat can be a little annoying, when the fan kicks in, its 35degrees+ and ur stopped at a set of lights, it can be a little painful.

    Both bike were pretty awesome in my opinion and it just came down to personal preference in that I wanted a unique bike and loved the looks.
  10. I'm on my second 675 (spanning two countries). The first (still sitting in a garage awaiting more touring) took me all over europe and down through morocco, put up with snow, river crossings etc and only problem was the regulator/rectifier (which on the 2009 they've moved out of the hot spot it was sitting before) and a sticky exup valve (which you can prevent with a bit of maintenance). Both fixed under warranty.

    It's a sexy bike and I love it, but I'm sure everyone will say the same about their bike. The triumph675.net forum might give you some more 675 specific info if you need it.
  11. Haven't ridden any of the new ones apart from the 675, but most importantly go ride them yourself to decide.

    Personally I'd go zx6r or the daytona. The 675 felt like an tamer, but sharper version of my 929. Mega easy to ride, very user friendly just jump on and fang away. But I guess most 600s are like that. Power was good but pretty dead after 200 (in comparison to mine at least), but thats likely not an issue for most. Sounds amazing with a pipe, and the 3cyl produces alot of tractable power which makes smashing out of corners easy and a joy.

    Shame the riding position is so hardcore sports - makes me feel perched over the bike instead of on it, otherwise I'd consider one. A 1050 Daytona would be cool though :)
  12. i got an zx6r. I love it, i found it more comfortable than the honda600rr. the footpegs were positioned better, and the handle bars sat better for me.

    unfortunately i didnt try a gixxer or triumph, mainle cause i bought the zx6r with a yoshi exhaust, filter, power commader and dynotune all for just over 12k. no-one else could match that.

    the dash is great, easy on the eye, got a gear selector, time and temps.

    but i tell you what bothers me a litte. cant power wheelie on it, so im perfectly clutch ups in 1st and 2nd gear atm. also the glove box under the pillions ass fits absolutely NOTHING with my power commander in it. although i suspect u'd have the same prob with the others.
  13. you will be able to power wheelie in first on it but it will be revvy and flighty as buggery. get it up nice and high in the revs and do a bar bounce and a throttle hop... i could on my 100hp 600 i4. but truth be told 600 i4's are shit for power wheelies. but clutches are fine... or you can chuck a bin lid rear sprocket on and lose and fwy ability.
  14. daytona 675. there's your answer. or do what i ended up doing and get the Striple R. fast as DT but more comfy
  15. eh - ive REALLY tried..and mean really. Its been discussed widely on kwaka forums of the technical aspect of not being able to do it on this model.
  16. Brownyy.... were you down the GoR two weekends ago? I had to take a double take when I saw a white 675 go past mine heading outbound hahaha....
  17. papermate - If I can wheelie my Ninja 250r, you can wheelie a 600cc zx6.
  18. someone lend me their zx6. Im not saying it will be pretty though
  19. Duh just gear it down? :p I run -1/+1, which is nice and sensible. Previous setup of -1/+3 made it a bit too flighty though..
  20. Yeah, if the Monster is on your list the Street Triple should be too...