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Daytona 675 problems

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by CHEEP, Jun 20, 2006.

  1. I'm thinking of buying the doytona 675 has anybody heard of it having any problems ?
    I once heard it had problems with the fuel tank being contaminated when painted has anyone heard the same ?

  2. I've not heard of any problems, and I doubt Triumph would release such an important bike to the company if it had any niggles whatsoever.
  3. Thats what i was thinking considering the great reviews from MCN
  4. i had a look at the triumph on the weekend...mmmmm(drools)....very nice. i would love to own one in about 2yrs!!! good luck with purchase, i have not heard anything bad about it, and the review was excellent!
  5. mmmmmm drool indeed, just hope they aren't all sold out by the time i manage to get it together. Sounds like they are hard to get a hold of! :)
  6. I haven't heard any bad things, but.........

    I had pretty much decided on the trump until I sat on it! Seat just didn't 'fit' me, felt very square and uncomfortable. Also, when sitting on the bike, it feels like you're sitting on a 125cc, seems very narrow, and I didn't like that either. Finally decided on the new gixxer600 and totally happy with my decision.

    The only bad thing I know about the 675 is YOU CAN"T HAVE ONE NOW! I'm also an impatient prick! Go in and ask for a 675 and the dealer will tell you "No 675 for you........come back, 1 year" like the soup nazi.

    well not really one year, but to me, 3mths might as well be one year
  7. 1 year is 3 months i know that feeling, :cry: :cry: thanks for the insight
  8. The 675 would have to be my fave new bike at the moment.

    The narrow width of the bike appeals to me, I'm used to it owning a small v4.

    I also like the way that most reports have said that the power is smooth and linear, I reckon they'll become the bike to have once they start racing in the supersport category.

    Function over form any day for me, but they also look pretty good I reckon (even if it is a bit 'zx6r-like').
  9. I just got my 675 today. LOVE IT. Just spent the last few hours riding it and I'm stuffed. Anyway the 'paint' in the fuel tank thing is just when dealers stuff up their PDI and don't scrape away the 'packing gunk' it has. Easily fixed;. I made sure to tell my dealer to check it, mine was fine :)

    With regards to the seat, the stock one sucks, I got the gel seat pre installed. Just rode the past few hours easy as :)
  10. hey, woo-hoo Wazza, the long wait is over. Pictures and proper ride report soon, of course?!?!
  11. Congrats undii! \:D/

    I like the trumpy, just some styling things that weren't me.

    CHEEP, keep in mind that all the reviews say you could throw a blanket across the whole 600 (ish) bikes. For 99% of riders, we won't be able to tell the difference in the extra 2kw that one has over the other. Pick the one that you like the best. By this I mean how it feels to you, do you like the color options, the way it rides, your position on it etc.
    It's like picking a Falcon or a Commodore(unless you're a devoted fan like me), their both the same car made by different companies.
    Every new model has some sort of glitch somewhere along the line, make sure you get it from a good dealer who you are confident will take care of you if something goes pear shaped :grin:
  12. I saw a couple out in Ringwood today......bloody tiny little things.....I think i'd have to use two of them as rollerblades to fit on it. Somehow I think I'd break it pretty easy too.
  13. CONGRATS!!!!! :!: :)
    ahh i hope you are blessed with many happy miles of triumphy goodness...
  14. Ah, think they their looks are deceiving. They sure are thinner than most bikes (what I liked about it) but their height seems to be taller than most other 600s and weigh similar or a little bit more. More because they have stronger components in them ;) Few people who have dropped them have hardly caused much damage from reports. So you might be wrong but hey, I might be wrong too :) All I know atm is they are so much fun for me to ride and end of the day, that's what is important :grin:

    FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUN! I'm off for a couple hrs before work :grin:
  15. good to see you are getting around again.
  16. Ah, cheers for that. Never saw this til now. Can't wait til I see you on the road sometime soon as well mate. That's if you can be seen near a handbag like mine :wink: