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Daytona 675 prices...

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Nuff, Jan 5, 2008.

  1. What kind of price were you guys able to get the 675 for drive away from dealers? The dealer I went to didn't want to budge on price and it was 16,500. I can get cbr600rr for 1.5k less.

    Quick edit, I'm talking about 07 models.
  2. My dealer in Blacktown also didn't budge from the ticketed price ($14990 from memory), but he did knock a bit off pre-delivery and throw in a ventura rack, gel seat, and tank protector sticker. Mind you I got a low trade in so I probably paid for the accesories and "discount" several times over. :roll:
  3. Should be able to get them for $16000 ride-away from any dealer prepared to negotate, and for as low as $15800 ride-away if you drive a really hard bargain.

    I have not heard of anyone riding away on a new one for less than $15800, unless someone would care to enlighten me.
  4. Thanks guys, this puts it a bit more in perspective. I rode one today again for 1 hour and it was bit cooler weather then in my previous review that I've posted. It was mix of nice and sunny weather with moments of pissing down rain which got me soaked. I had the suspension tuned and it felt perfect, thanks Flux! Love the sound of the engine and the heat from exhaust wasn't as annoying in cooler weather (24C) and I can see how in the winter it can be an advantage.

    Now the only issue is price, I'm going go to few more dealers and see what I can workout.
  5. I paid $16,500 for mine ride away with a set of throw-over panniers and a piece of carbon fibre. Worth every penny too.

    Why would you want a cbr6? :p
  6. I like the CBR, fits me very well, especially under hard braking. Super light and easy to flick. The styling is bit plain, but the price is right, I can get a 1pc leathers for the price difference. I'll just have to see if I can get better deal on 675 some place else.
  7. I just realised now that you're in NSW. The prices I gave were for in Victoria, where ORC seem to be around $300 less.

    Perhaps add $300 to my stated prices to give a fairer indication.
  8. Peter Stevens here in Adelaide has Daytona 675's on special for $14 890. I've been told onroads are roughly $1500.


  9. LOL. Only Peter Stevens would have the cheek to declare the official recommended retail price as "on special"!

    Almost reminds me of this local tool store I went to, to buy a T-handle allen key set. One store had the set "on special" for $110. I thought that was crap. Went to a different, but more trade oriented, store up the road - and the same set was being sold for $66 ex-GST as a normal price, but the guy sold them to me for 10% off anyway just for having a bit of a chat to him, so I walked out paying $66.
  10. Heh heh heh, don't shoot the messenger Flux.

    Come to think of it, what's the secret to successfully haggling on the asking price for a bike?

    Wads of cash?


  11. Weasel, I tried the wads of cash on Honda dealer and Triumph/BMW/KTM dealer. The Honda dealer gave me great deal and wanted my business, the Triumph dealer had the attitude of, I don't give a crap and people will buy our bikes because they are triumphs. After I had the ride he just told me to hand over the keys and didn't even care if I was there or I've left. I'm not surprised they can't sell as many bikes as the jap dealers.

    The wads of cash will work on some, but not others. I was told that I would get a better deal if I had finance with them, since they would be making more on me anyway.
  12. double post...
  13. Aren't the Daytonas still in limited supply? If so, you can't expect a dealer to drop his price much when someone else is prepared to pay full price. Supply and demand.... ;)
  14. Tonoq, that's exactly what I'm expecting! I want at least a blink when I flashes 16k+ in front of them. Bloody supply and demand!
  15. Hey nuff im curious as to which triumph dealer u went to? was it bikebiz in parra?
  16. Supply and demand doesn't always work just because people want them and have to wait... plenty of people were/ are waiting 4-5+ months for Golf GTI's and still getting great deals.
  17. I haggled Blacktown Team Moto down to $13999 from $14999 but it took a hell of an effort.. After onroads it worked out to $15840 or there abouts. But I then bought the gel seat, rear seat cowl and carbon fibre tank pad for $500 on top of that.

    Picked it up xmas eve and havent stopped smiling since. Best present I got by far :p
  18. LOL good one. Bet they hated you by the time you left the store.
  19. They were pretty good about it actually.. I should note here I was after a Graphite 07 model so i guess it was a runout price. They had to get it shipped down from one of the QLD stores to blacktown though and they didnt charge me for that which was cool... Also talked em down on the price of the gel seat, tank pad and rear seat cowl from 860 to 525 so I think I got a pretty good deal...

    Before we even started talking price the first thing the bloke said was they dont like to discount new Triumphs because it hurts the second hand market prices which is fair enough...
  20. the best price i've been given is $15,800 for a 07 model. some offered $16,000 others $16,500.

    but, i didn't take neither...instead a put a deposit down for a 08 Daytona 675 Special Edition. This was back in November. It'll be arriving sometime in March. OMG it's a long wait!!!!