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Daytona 675 - Pillion Comfort?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Toefa, Oct 25, 2007.

  1. To those guys lucky enough to have, or have had a Daytona... Just wanted to know how comfortable the pillion is when doubling?

    When it comes time to upgrade, i need to get something that is reasonable to go two up.... I've got my eye on the 675, but Starlet is throwing suggestions such as the SV1000S, Hyabusa etc, so she can be as comfortable as possible on the back. :tantrum: :p
  2. I've never carried a pillion on the back of mine, but I can tell you that it'd score pretty low on the pillion comfort factor. It can best be described as a the bare minimum to tick the check-box.

    If you want a good comfortable pillion seat, and yet be a decent sporting bike, something like a any of the more recent Kawasaki ZX-9R's would fit that bill better that most.
  3. Thanks heaps FLUX, the ZX9R was pretty damn close to next on my wish list, so i will probably have a serious look into them now.. Up until what year would you recommend?
  4. Pillion comfort? You've gotta be joking! It doesn't even have have rider comfort! :LOL:
    (I know I know, no worse than any other superport...)
    VFR? Blackbird? Firestorm?
  5. The E models would (2000 & 2001) would appear to be the pick of the bunch for both pillion comfort and low weight, and include the beefy pillion grab rails.

    The F models ('02 and '03 - '03 being the last year they were made) are a touch heavier (I think due to emissions equipment?), and a little more aggressive, with a correspondent down-grading of the pillion accommodation, and loses the grab rails and has a (visually) smaller and less plush seat.
  6. Thanks FLUX, i will keep my eye on them for sure!

    There lies another one of my questions... Will i find an upgrade to a larger capacity supersport relatively the same comfort wise coming from the CBR250? I commute on the 250 everyday and i am worried that going to the 600's, 675 or 9's may be worse? (i can handle the riding position if it is no worse)
  7. how rude, the 675 is a awesome bike to ride, own and sit on :D

    it is hell comfy when it comes to riding but just takes a lil gettin used to :p
    as for pillion comfort they tend to slide around a little bit and they sit very very high up in da air but i havent had any complaints from my partner at all.
  8. No sportsbike is designed for a pillion. The seat is an afterthought just incase.. If you want a decent pillion seat, you need to look at Hypersports bikes, ZX14, ZX12R, Hayabusa, CBR1100XX.
  9. I sat pillion on a Daytona 675 yesterday and I shat my pants. :LOL:

    Comfort - well, as long as you trust the rider to not absolutely fang the shite out of it you'll be fine. You do sit ridiculously high, the seat has no grab rail, and if you're doing it dude-on-dude reaching to the tank will give you a great set of triceps post-ride. I think a midget chick would be fine, she'd just need to cling on with legs ultra tight, then grab around the waist - forget having her reach the tank.

    So to answer: Pillion friendly? No, but not impossible.
    Get a naked!
  10. As long as your pillion is not built like moby dick you should be ok.
  11. I've been on the back of one, admittedly it was a short blast but it still wasn't any fun. You sit way up there, the seat is pretty small and slippery (new bike). Not recommended.