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Daytona 675 owners

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by raven, Dec 20, 2011.

  1. I'm getting a power commander 5 fitted at Dynoverks, after the new year, and was wondering if anyone else has has it done and dyno'd?

    And what they've noticed re extra power or torque?

    I expect to get 10hp+ at the rear wheel on paper, but would like some 'bum in seat' feed back.

    On the fireblade I got some exra punch, and was quite happy with it.

    Ta. :)
  2. You know you can get free software to do exactly the same thing? Or is that cheque book getting a mind of its own again?
  3. Free software to load where exactly?

    AFAIK stock ECU maps are locked and cannot be tuned (correct me if I am wrong)

    The point of a fuel module such as a PCV, JuiceBox, Bazzaz etc is to allow custom maps to be, as you mentioned, downloaded and used - or better still - dyno'd and calibrated..........
  4. You can access and alter stuff in the Keihin systems as used by the likes of Triumph and KTM.

    There is software (aside from what the dealers use) to do it, such as Tuneboy, and I think at least one other well known one I can't think of at the moment.
  5. As I understand it, you load the software onto your laptop, aquire the correct cable, plug it in to your bike, and fiddle to your hearts content. Aparently has all the features that Tuneboy has, but for free. There's a thread, or plently of details anyway, over on one of the Triumph forums. 675 specific one, can't remember exactly. Was only reading it earlier this week.
  6. NooOO...I've never heard of such software.

    ..and DOES it do exactly the same thing?...from the links you profided below, i see standardized maps, that say what they are for, but don't really say what has been "adjusted" within them, nor what difference they make. I mean, what are the maps aiming for - mid-range, top-end, linear.

    Not knocking it...would just like to know, since I'm not going to go frigging around with the fuel mapping myself. (Because I would'nt know what I was doing.)

    Btw roarin...could'nt you have been helpful upfront and given the information that you provided below, in this first post?...this post appears just to have been for the purpose of having a dig at me about cheque books, again....Just a waist of breathe.
    I am not some nob who decided to get a PC-5 on a whim, just yesterday, and I don't have money to throw around, as you're implying...I've had to save up for this over the last 12 mths, so give it a rest.

    Anyway...now...I would appreciate some advice from anyone, on where I might be able to lay my hands on this cable...

    "USB/OBDII cable with FTDI chip set and associated CDM ver. 2.06.00 drivers (D2XX) or higher"

    I have grabbed the drivers, but I'm buggered if I know what this cable is?

    I don't own a laptop either, but may be able to get hold of one, just to give this a try if it does'nt get much more difficult to do.

    Thanks for the info anyway, roarin.
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    I expect you're just having a dig but how is the cheque book thing any different to buying all those parts that your moto just happened to need?

  8. Here's a link from ebay for the cable. there could be cheaper ones around.


  9. Thanks LAMS!. Only hearing about this stuff for the first time last night, the cable sounded like some exotic contraption, that I didn't imagine would just be found on eBay. Yeah, I'm showing my ignorance, but all this stuff is brand new to me. Complete noob!...but I've been absorbing it all.

    As a general comment, the only thing that works me a bit, is that if you want to know how a different map has affected the bike, a dyno is the only way.
    Nevertheless less, I'm fully into this TuneECU stuff now. It's taken me by surprise, that's for sure

    I remember installing the pc-3 on the blade and then trying a half dozen different maps. I found one that I thought was excellent, by the 'feel' of the bike.
    6 mths later I got the bike dyno'd and found that what I thought was really good, was getting me about half of what the dyno remapping did for the bike.

    Finding a map that worked well took a while to find to...a real pain in the arsk.

    Anyway, I appreciate the help guys. Thank you.
  10. I've never done this to a motorcycle but i used to tune the mapping on my OEM Evo VI ECU. Worked really well. If you plan on writing one of those generic modified maps just make sure you carefully go over ALL of the tables to see what has been changed. Some people load up maps with horrible changes.

    If i were you, i would hunt around to see if any motorcycle tuners know how to use the software. At least then you will save money on the PC5 but still have a tuned ECU that you can have confidence in. Plus you will be able to dyno the bike and see improvements. 10hp change is a little hard to detect with the bum dyno :).

    Just my 2c
  11. The PC5 will most likely have more adjustability than the stock ECU, from memory it's +250%, -100% range, but I doubt you need that kind of range on a fairly stock bike.
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    Absolutely nothing different. I would have thought, to a smart young lad like yourself, that you would have noticed that I am quite capable of taking the p!ss out of myself, along with any/every thing else that catches my goldfish like attention span:) Nothin sacred in my world. It's taking even my wife quite some time to catch onto that:)
  13. Haha just checking.
  14. Now you know why this bike is on my wish list
  15. why cause you have a big check book? what Raven is doing wont be used by intermediat or novice riders you have to be good to get anything out of it i know Raven will make use of the extra HP
  16. nah bro. Everyone needs more horsepower.
  17. wasnt directed at you
  18. Doesn't stop me from disagreeing.