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Daytona 675, how much $$$ ??

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by al77, Apr 23, 2007.

  1. Hey 675 owners

    Looking to pick up a Daytona 675 this week, how much have people been actually paying for one of these babies???? Ride away according to Peter Stevens is $16200

  2. $14,890 + ORC (last year anyway). Whatever ORC is entirely what you and the dealer (haggle?) work it out to be. If you're TOUGH, you might even get total price to be less than the $14,890 but knowing PS/Triumph Australia, good luck there :roll:
  3. Yeah $14890 is still the current list price at PS, meaning 1300 in ORC. What did you actually pay for yours?
  4. $16,200

    I ordered mine 6 months before I got mine (early Jan 2006 I ordered) and got mine when the shipment FINALLY arrived middle/late June 2006. I couldn't haggle as all of the bikes were sold before they even arrived on the first shipment or two so I had no solid haggling material. It was "Well you can either pay the price we set or we can easily let the people behind you on the order list simply move up one" but I did get some deals on stuff I bought with the bike.

    Thinking about it, I probably got $500 off the helmet, gel seat and can't recall if I bought anything else from PS when I first picked up the bike. I spent about $2K or $3K on mods (over the net and from PS) so all the extras for the bike are a blur as to where most of them came from. :eek: I went wild once the call was made that my bike had arrived and was awaiting customs and delivery from HQ to the dealer who had to do their bit (cleaning, fluid input, inspection etc)