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Daytona 675 - head gasket or waterpump

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by rubenastley, Oct 22, 2012.

  1. Hey guys, i purchased a 08 daytona 675 with 9,000km's, a couple months back and rode it for a few hundred KM's, and realised that the coolant was getting drained from Full to Min in about a week. I changed the oil and rode it a couple times, and drained the oil back to see if there was water/coolant. Sadly the oil seems had a little bit of a chocolate color

    Now i thought it was definitely a head gasket and started to pull the daytona apart, until i went to a triumph specialist and the head mechanic said he has never encountered a blown headgasket on a daytona. He said he was almost 100% sure it was something else. Is it more likely or even possible that it is the water pump causing coolant to leak into the oil? Is it easy to tell to the eye if the water pump is causing the problem when i take it apart?

    cheers, any advice is appreciated
  2. Does the coolant keep draining or does it stay at the minimum line?

    Edit: What I mean is, is it always the same amount left?
  3. I've refilled it twice to max line and each time ( maybe takes a week of riding ) it goes down to min line and stays at min generally
  4. How sure are you about the coolant in the oil?

    If the coolant level remains constant at the min line, perhaps you are losing coolant through the overflow tube as it heats up and expands? You can double check, but I don't think you need to fill it right up to max so maybe it's just normal?
  5. Bad engine sealant leaking coolant into the oil
  6. Pretty sure the trumpys always stay at the min line to leave room for expansion. My STR has always stayed on min when cold. Check the 675 forum also.

  7. i read about that to on the 675 forums... also this maybe a stupid question but is there a chance water went into my engine since i rode in some bad weather? this led me to wash my bike every second day and i'm pretty sure i sprayed a bit of water down the front of the bike where there is a gap for airflow? maybe water went into the airbox and possibly went into the engine?
  8. Coolant in oil = "mayonaise". Drain the oil or look under the oil filler cap, does it look like mayo?

    If the coolant dissappears and it isn't in the oil = head gasket... or as the boys said - if it drops to the minimum and stays there, it's ok.

    I don't know how that engine is built, but normally engine oil doesn't go through the water pump. Pumps usually have sealed bearings.

    As for water in the engine, don't worry about it. Large amount of water will stop your engine dead because liquids can't be compressed like gasses, most likely causing serious damage in the process. Small amounts will evaporate in the cylinder and get out through the exhaust. I suppose it's possible that some water in the cylinder would raise the pressure high enough to blow by the piston rings and end up in the oil sump below, but I don't think that would happen without actually damaging the rings... Does the engine start, run and sound ok?
  9. When I got my bike new the coolant was a little a above min after the 1st service they top it up to the max line I discovered I had a small leak form one of the hoses under the water pump ( clamp not tight enough) that caused a small leak during warm up then stopped. After I fixed that it always stayed just under the max line and hardly ever moves