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Daytona 675 drivetrain issue?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by kazhere, Oct 27, 2009.

  1. Does anyone know of any issues with the Daytona 675?

    I've read about drivetrain problems and gearbox stickiness in reviews but cant find any forum discussions about it. Makes me think there are no real issues with the bike if the general motorcycling public aren't discussing it

    Am considering buying the 07 model and basically the more I read about this bike the more I want one!

  2. My '07 hasn't had any issues, apart from a voltage regulator that blew, but that was replaced out of warranty for free 'cause the guys at Brisan's are awesome. The gearbox isn't exactly silky smooth, but I've never had any problems at all with it. Cheers
  3. I'm on my 2nd daytona (other one is still mine, just over the other side of the world awaiting my return) and the only real issue seems to be the EXUP valve sticking if you don't maintain it.

    Head on over to triumph675.net to see a guide on how to maintain that and shouldn't have too many dramas.
    Earlier models had their regulator/rectifier in a rather hot spot, but with the 2009 and onwards models they moved that to tucked behind the front right faring area to fix that issue.

    Aside from that: haven't heard anyone on there complaining about gear boxes or drive train issues.

    It's a great bike, my last one I put 30,000 kms on it touring europe and morocco (river crossings included) and with nary an issue despite much abuse. The 3 cylinder engine's kickarse and stands out from the jap bikes which are all so close together these days it's hard to tell which one you're looking at.
  4. The gearbox is a touch notchy and stiff for the first 2000-3000kms, and after that it loosens up and is smooth.

    Most reviewers get bikes that are pretty fresh, so when looking for things to nit-pick, they go for a mention of that.

    Haven't heard of a single person still mentioning it after 5000kms on the dial.

    I have 2 x Daytona 675's. One with 40,000kms on it, and the other that's approaching 15,000. Both gearboxes are smooth.
  5. Only thing that concerns me with my brand new one is the loose steering damper...
  6. Drive train has all been good. There is a slight clunky-ness going between 1st and Second, whereas the other gears are fine. Not ideal, but not a real problem.

    I just changed my sprockets back to standard ratios when I got a new chain recently which helps with the long rides I've been going on. (It was 2 up on the rear, not sure about front).