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Daytona 650 integrated audio system

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by Kerber, Apr 17, 2009.

  1. Hey all, I think this is my first post. Well its the first real one.

    I'm planning on adding some audio systems to my bike. So I'm not constantly fiddling around with cords and pockets while on a ride.
    I also want a quick toggle between Music and intercom for when I'm traveling with a pillion.

    So onto the mod.......
    I use a PSP for my media, for which a headphone remote is readily available ($10 @ JB hifi), For whatever media device you use the process is the same.
    So the integration will be it, the intercom, and the two Amplifiers.
    The output will be two headphone jacks (for Driver & Pillion), which will run a cord to the helmet inputs. If I can be bothered, I'll sew in a cord to the jacket. Removing the loose cord that could tangle or pull while riding.

    Using the PCB (Printed circuit board) of the remote, I'll extend the buttons to a control panel on the dash, the buttons will be big enough to press while wearing a glove.

    The two DS Amp kits will be put into a box that will be mounted under the coverings of the bike, each Amp will have a power switch. That will be just out of the way to press.

    To switch between intercom & music, I'll install a toggle. Mounted on the dash. Controlled by the Driver.

    The intercom will be attached by a headphone jack, and mounted out of sight. This is so I can upgrade it or use a CB radio if needed.
    The Amp's & Intercom will only need to be turned on and off at the beginning & end of a trip. So they can be put away for a cleaner view and better water protection.

    The biggest problem is water protection, I found some awesome buttons at Jaycar. But they aren't water proof, that isn't stopping me. I'm going to see if I can mod them to make them resistant. That said water doesn't just come from the top, condensation can ruin everything for me.
    Second, is cutting into the coverings on the bike (to fit buttons). If I stuff this up its going to be $$ to replace it.

    Well that's it for my introduction post. I'll start a new one showing progress.

    (edit) finally got enough posts for pics.
  2. Progress report

    So I went to Jaycar in the city and picked up some tidbits.
    I also went to JB and got a PSP remote. On eBay I found a PSP car mounting bracket so I pick up one of those. All up It's cost me around $200.
    I did however also pick up some tools and equipment to held me solder better, and some extras in case I stuff up.

    Last night I put together a wiring diagram to refer to once I get started, also to check if I got enough parts (which I didn't).
    It's not and official wiring blueprint, Just a simple one for my understanding.

    After this weekend I'll have more progress and pictures.
    I also found this site, www.switchesplus.com.au/ , a much better range than Jaycar. The only down side is their site shop is broken.
  3. I'm interested to how you go with this.
    Your putting ideas in my head.
  4. I would probably never bother to do this but am very interested to see how it turns out. Keep us updated.
  5. Box positioning

    So it's been a slow week I finally got my bike back from the mechanic (broken alternator). Thanks to Rob at Motorcycle service centre, as always a fantastic job.
    Tonight I'll be working late in the Garage trying to get this thing started. Here's the last mock up pic before I get into it.

    This is the only practical place I can put these boxes, anywhere else (even more appeasing to the eye) is harder to touch, or prevents the steering from turning.


    The control box will be sitting on the left side fender. I can reach over the handle to access most buttons, while riding. The Amp power will sit under the right side fender. As I'll only need to turn them on and off once.
    I just want to duck out of work and start modding........
  6. Seems like a bunch of wasted time to me..... why would you want to talk to your pillion anyways, are you giving tours or something.

    Seems interesting YES, but why bother...
  7. You have a negative opinion on everything.....why do you bother posting?
  8. Please tell me what i have a negative opinion on?.... i have an opinion just like everyone else but when it goes against eveyone else its negative....Please mate, really
  9. Control box is done

    Riding with my fiancée for 1 to 2 hours can get boring after while. However I'm doing all this work anyway why not add it. since the option is simple.

    So I spent most of Saturday cursing a tiny PCB and my soldering abilities.
    Here's the wired board.

    After which I placed it in a holding box that fits under the fender.

    Then drilled some holes in the fender for wires. And attached the button panel to it.

    After all that. the fender was screwed back onto the bike.

    So the first of three is done.
  10. Re: Box positioning

    Not wishing to high-jack your thread or anything, but I fully concur. Rob must be one of the best guys in the business. Been a fountain of knowledge with my GS1000 project.

  11. mate why didn't you just go down the route of a starcom or autocom? would save the issue of having to replace parts when it comes time to sell, or are you going to keep this bike forever?
  12. This is the bike I'll be riding to the ground. The modification is just one of many planned. The only part I'm drilling holes into is the left side fender, which is $100 to replace. So selling isn't out of the question.

    I didn't do anything to the bike this weekend, except mount the PSP holding bracket. The weather was too nice, so I was in the garden.
    During the week I plan to put together the amplifiers and mounting them into their box. Should have it good to go by Saturday (9thMay) afternoon. See you then.....
  13. Same reason you talk to anyone? For company/entertainment?

    So you don't have to wait until the next fuelstop before saying, "Wow, did you see that view/car/person/cat/dog about an hour ago?!"?

    So you don't have to resort to some stupid "Tap my left shoulder if you need to stop" "Headbutt me if my braking is too jerky" "Cling to me for dear life if you've just had a panic attack because you thought the bike was leaning too far" pantomime morse code?

    I find it invaluable for all those reasons and more, especially with inexperienced pillions.
  14. im with you spots.. if i didnt have to work to pay for fuel and tyres id have a bike covered in all these little things.. why not make life a bit easier i say..
    and hey. some people like to tinker and see what they can come up with rather than just how far they can drag a knee.
    top work i say.. and saved yourself a bundle from the the comms systems that are on the market.