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Daytona 600 Cafe Project

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by ryanemclean, May 28, 2012.

  1. I have posted this elsewhere but thought I might get some more advice on the subject from a broader community.

    I have a project bike I purchased, it is a 2005 Model Triumph Daytona 600. I really like Cafe Racers and would like to turn it into one, I know it could never truly be one but I figured I would give it a shot.

    Its a repairable write off, but all the damage was mainly in the fairings, so my original idea was tossing up between a track bike and a streetfighter, neither of which appealed to me too greatly and it didn't particularly cross my mind for a cafe project as the bike is relatively new. But the style I really like is the cafe. So thats what I decided upon.

    I have already purchased a Bates style 4.75 inch headlight which I am painting black, I have the exhaust wrap in black, and I plan on getting a small LED tail light with side bits for indicators and positioning for the plate. I'm looking at eiher the modern motorcycle companies indicators or the ones ellaspede sell. I have removed the rear subframe in the hopes that I will be able to have a new one manufactured that more resembles the Cafe look. I will be making my own tail section using fibreglass, and constructing my own seat as well. The paint I am hoping to do myself firstly the engine as it looks fairly ratty I want to do in a gloss black and the tank, mudguards and tail will be the motospray dark grey which is similar to gunmetal and white racing stripe, but the stripe will follow the contours on the top of the tank which kind of start separately and go into one, then would move out again after the fuel cap.

    At the moment its at bare bones kind of, I have taken off everything that is being changed and its basically ready to be built back up to what it is going to look like.

    Pictures are below, I would really like to hear some feedback as my girlfriend is getting sick of hearing me talk about bikes.

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  2. Hmm if it's a repairable write off wont you need to restore it to pre-crash condition for the VIV?
  3. Nah, i had the same thing said on the other forum i posted on, freaked me out a bit. but I called vicroads and they said its fine to simply not replace panels. As long as it is roadworthy and complies to the vicroads standards for motorcycles its ok.
    Unless someone else has done this and knows for a fact that It has to be restored to original condition I will be going by the Road authorities advice.
  4. I haven't looked into it too much but that's what I got told when I got my bike VIV'd. You'll probably be fine though, you might be right about it only needing to be roadworthy.
  5. called them again, and yeah its fine as long as it follows the guidelines set out in a single pdf on the vicroads website, brake lights have to be visible from 200 m headlight needs to be high and low and have an indicator for that, certain height restrictions for where things are placed on the bike, etc. As long as it follows australian/victorian standards its fine.
  6. Great project, I shall be following this one for sure.

    I reckon the challenge will be in the tail treatment, I have seen some great modern cafe interpretations on bikexif and they all have very tidy tails.

    Maybe strip it back, get some good side profile photos and then try drawing up how you want it to look over the photos.

    Where are you in Melbourne? I would like to see the bike some time.
  7. Nice base for the project. I'll be watching for sure :) Can't wait to see what it looks like without the fairings. Not sure about Vic but in NSW my sv had fairings pre crash but passed no worries with a dirtbike light, eBay indicators and bar end mirrors.
  8. The tail was going to be completely replaced to make it look very different, but i guess i should just keep it original, maybe cut it down. Its already fully stripped, I tried uploading pictures but it hasn't come up yet. I am in the inner eastern suburbs but the bike isn't, its at my dads workshop a few hours away, I go there to work on bikes as he has far superior facilities compared to my one bedroom apt with car port.
    Does anyone know about engineers reports etc, what I would have to do to pass? I don't want to call vicroads again, they'd be sick of me by now.
  9. IMHO, keep the oringinal on there until it's registered. Your first priority should be to jump through the VIV hoops, and engineer's certificates (and you'd need one for a new/modified rear subframe) on top of VIV inspections is making it difficult for yourself.

    Find out who does VIV inspections, and ring them. Record time and names of who you spoke to. It won't help if/when you get screwed over, but it might at least give them pause.
  10. Good point - you might want to get the rego on the bike before going all radical on changes to it.
  11. Yeah I have worked out that I should probably go that route, It's ok though the tank and tail only have scratches on them so i can just fill them up and give it a respray, get the viv and then get working.
    What engineers certs would I need?