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Daytona 1200

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by rossc0, Jun 19, 2006.

  1. Gday, from sunny Gosford.

    First post looking forward to browsing the site.

    Question, any Triumph Daytona 1200 owners out there? I've fallen for a 1996 Daytona 1200, and at the moment my heart and head are fghting it out. On the plus side its a 1 owner, full service history, log books, looks like its just rolled out the showroom. On the down side its its travelled 93500Km :( What problems am I buying into if I go ahead an purchase this bike, any info appreciated.

    The bike is really only going to be a weekend toy, wouldn't be doing more than 150-200ks per week.



  2. Hi Ross

    Welcome to the forum, there's a lot of Triumph expertise (read fanaticism) among Netriders, so your questions should get a ready answer.

    We've a few Netriders in the Newcastle area, and our rides often head north so let's see if we can pick you up on one of them (once you've decided what or not to buy :))
  3. hey fellow (possible) trumpy rider!!!
    have a good browse here:

    there are several forums but the one on the daytona deliberations is the one for you. I unfortunatley dont tride a daytona... I have the tt600 and I'm thinking of a sprint 1050 but in anycase triumph are long lived bikes... I bought mine at oh... 36,000 and its just at 44000ish... And I have had no problems with reliability.

    If the trumph has 93500 in ten years? mmm 800k'ish a month is a bit of a commuter / open tourer... But a one owner with full triumph service history!!! Thats gold.

    Do some reading.... Then make a choice.

    edit: I AM NOT A FANATIC.... justa fundamentalist!
  4. What $$$ is he asking???
    Heres the redbook on it:
    Trade in price guide* $5,500 - $6,500
    National average price - private sale* $7,900 - $9,300
    Price when new (RRP) $18,500
    all prices quoted are GST inclusive
  5. Awwww...

    Reading your heading I was getting all excited that the poms were making a 675-style upgrade to the Daytona 955i!

    Big triple superbike with 675 looks? HELLO BOYS!
    (Not that I'd buy one - from what I'm told, Trumpy spares are very expensive and hard to get a hold of, which in my book makes them a great borrowing or renting bike but a bad one to own long term. But hey, I'd have a good drool!)
  6. So who DOESN'T believe in fun??? :LOL:
  7. I owned a Trophy3 900cc of a similar vintage for about 2 years. I test rode the 1200cc (it's a 4cyl not a 3cyl), at the time, and found it heavy and unwieldy compared to the triple, which was not exactly nimble itself. It would make a good long distance tourer I guess, but around town it's a camel. They are also hideously thirsty according to the press at the time. I never had any problems with my Trophy3 other than rusted out mufflers which were replaced on recall due to a design flaw preventing water draining out. Except for the extra cylinder the Trophy '3' and '4' were identical, and the Daytona 1200 used the '4' engine. The 1200cc four engine was dropped by Triumph fairly early so I don't know what the parts situation would be now, although many engine parts were common with the 900cc triple.
  8. As far as I know (and seen pre production shots in a mag not that long ago) they are!
  9. Well you'd better show us what you got! There's a great clamouring and gnashing of teeth going on over at t595.net, but so far all we've seen is unconvincing photoshop jobs :mad:
    Anyway, the old 1200 is a big, fast(ish) mutha which is stable and steady, and a bit slow to turn in, but generally well loved by owners. No particular weaknesses other than those that any bike with big ks under it might have.
  10. I got a friend of mine who has owned a 1200 Daytona since new, and refuses to part with it, to my knowledge he hasn't had any major problems. He has always done the maintenance on the bike himself.....

    Could not even guess at how many klics his trumpies done, he and his wife only use the bike for touring now (he has a 750gixxer as a daily ride) but these guys are long distance tourers, I know it does a trip to Esk in QLD every second year.
  11. Thanks for the replys guys, went and had a look at the bike this morning, and at the moment the heart is winning the battle with the head, it was gorgeous!

    Got a bit of work to do on the wife, regarding how good an idea it is, how much less petrol than the Territory it would use :) etc etc.


  12. Bare in mind that for the same money you'll get a much more capable Jap bike, for which it will also be cheaper and easier to source parts.
    100,000 on a well maintained road bike isn't anything to be worried about. But I have my suspicions of British build quality, particular in Australian conditions.
  13. Don't......Triumph pulled apart the first 900 triple to reach 100,000 miles and gave the lucky owner a new bike. They found that the tolerances were still within limits for the production line, ie good enough for a brand new bike.