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QLD Daytime Lights

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by samks, Dec 28, 2007.

  1. Just been reading about this on another site. Apprantley the powers that be are planing to make it law that all bikes ride in the day time with LIGHTS ON. also making it law that we have to wear padded trousers, jackets and gloves.

    here is the forum i'v been reading.

    has any one else heard of this and is there a motorcycle lobby group in QLD?

  2. My bike, like everyone bike legally sold in Australia, I assume including yours, has it's lights permanently on. Someone wasn't paying attention obviously.

    As for the clothing part, making people wear padded trousers and jackets is a minefield, open to interpretation, like does the lining of Draggins count?, what's the minimum standard of padding? etc.

    But I don't think they should. I squid to the shops and gym, and it's my choice.
  3. Some older bikes don't have this.
  4. I can categorically state that there is no plan to make riding gear compulsory. There are moves at both state and federal level to establish ratings for riding gear so riders can have some guidance as to what is effective. Nothing has been mentioned at VMAC or at the Motorcycle Safety Consultative Committee of the ATSB. The ATSB is funding the Australian Motorcycle Council to do work on safety ratings.

    Daytime running lights were recently mooted for all vehicles but it was pointed out that studies done in places like Sweden can't apply to the different lighting conditions here - and it would put motorcyclists in danger (90% of riders use lights anyway - even though it's not compulsory). The idea has since been dropped.

    Compulsory lights on was dropped in Australia quite a few years ago - while most (not all) bikes are hard-wired to have lights on, it isn't mandatory - at least in the ADRs. Most Japanese bikes are hardwired, some European aren't.

    By the way, the Hansard that that post on the other forum links to is from 1992... :roll:

    Of course for Queensland - all bets are off! The State Government takes its motorcycle safety advice from someone whose idea of road safety is "reducing exposure" i.e. reducing the number of riders. :evil: