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WA Days of loud exhausts numbered

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by BIWOZ, May 17, 2012.

  1. This written report says it's a "blitz", but the live radio report direct from the Police Commissioner's press release made it plain that it will be ongoing and permanent; sound meters will be in mobile and fixed positions and at all booze bus locations ... bike riders stopped for RBT will also be compulsorily sound tested.

    They made it clear it will apply to ANY "modified" exhaust and not just on Harleys.

    Read more: HERE

  2. Here we go again. Never heard anyone complain about an after market can. Some bikes, agreed, are too loud but I think this just goes too far. On a side note; is it possible to get a baffle made for a pipe to bring it within spec if it does not have one? Excuse my ignorance. Thanks.
  3. That's only reasonable if they also test all CARS, otherwise it's discriminatory.
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  4. Really? - You've never seen a bunch of Harley posers roll past a cafe at 30km/h, revving the shit out of their alleged "motorcycles", and seen the looks of anger that appear on the faces of their victims?
  5. Be a good time to start buying up OEM exhausts in other states, and have a mobile exhaust van following them around.
  6. Yes, as stated, SOME are too loud. Just did not want to mention any one in particular :rolleyes:
  7. Yeah its all those other idiots that need to get booked.
  8. forget car exhausts, aim for the lapping crowds sub woofers
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  9. Hard to test. They just turn them down. How do you know how loud they were before?

    Let's think about what might be the #1 roadworthy fail for mum & dad punters in sedans, and demand that every car pulled over for RBT also be tested for this, or else we sue for discrimination.
  10. Time to engineer some motorcycle exhaust systems with butterfly noise control. How would they test that?
  11. Why is it legal to just turn down your music but not legal to change your pipe?
  12. ...well, I don't know. You can also be done for 'Undue noise: Manner of operation' in or on any vehicle, standard or other wise.

    I came around the climbing loop into the valley one morning in the cab, doing drift-kiddie stuff, only to have a cop jump out and stop me and write me up for it. Good thing he didn't see how sideways I was around the loop...

    This is leading into it, but stops short. Damn phone would only take 5 sec clips...

  13. Bald tyres or dud lights I reckon. And don't get me started on the number of totally unlit trailers I see.
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  14. Yeah, that'll do. Tyres, lights and rego papers. Any fail - defect notice. Not enforced - sue for discrimination.
  15. The difference being that a bald tyre or a dud light is actively dangerous, whereas a loud exhaust just pisses people off.
  16. Guys you cant sue for discrimination.
  17. Been looking into this in more depth. I was surprised to find that the Sound Pressure level of a standard car from 10 m away is 60 - 80db. to put this into perspective a rock concert is around 110db to 120db, Depending on the show. It is around the 120db mark that hearing damage occurs, and you only need to be exposed for around 15 minutes before hearing damage takes place.

    so what about the bike? I can't speak for all bikes but i db metered mine after setting off a car alarm warning chirp and found my bike was putting out 128db.
    Yes, i do wear earplug for long distance riding, not just for the bike, but for the wind roar. Shoei TXR are noisy.

    All i can assume is that there is a standard db to be met when bikes are made, and it might be inline with the db of cars. It might be we've had a free ride for so long that it seems the police have discovered an untapped revenue raiser and are finally enforcing it.

    Louds pipes wont cause hearing damage to those bystanders for those few seconds when you drive past.
  18. Benny, if your bike's puting out 128Bd, then it isn't stock.

    The bike limit is a little higher than the car limit, and I think it's about 88Db. That's because bikes will make about 80Bd just rolling past with the engine off and the clutch in, due to the drive chain and the way the air moves over them and stuff. Add induction noise, mechanical noise, exhaust noise, and 88 isn't that much. New Harlies sound like what? Because they have a final muffler hole you couldn't get the end of your pinky in. To try and get through noise regs. So of course everybody ditches the factory pipes because they sound like a sewing machine with wind, and fit a set of shotguns, because they sound tough, but they put out 102 + Db ...

    128Db is a f*cking lot! That's a loud motorcycle.

    We used to do noise monitoring at Darlington Pk, and kick anybody out who made over 110Db, measured about 20m from the edge of the track. Mostly it was KTM super-motards and ducatis with race pipes. We hardly ever kicked out a jap 4, even with a full race pipe. Some of the 4s sounded (to a human observer) just as loud, but maybe having 4 pulses instead of one was deceptive, because a KTM producing 108 Db usually sounded about as loud as a ZX9R with a race pipe, producing about 101 Db.
  19. I reckon it is about time that some of the loud Harley's are fixed. I live about 2km from the Brand Hwy, and the only vehicles we hear are the Harley's. My bike is stock, so it shouldn't bother me. I think the idea of making your bike as loud as possible is just posing.

    And yeah, yeah, loud up your pipes. Ride with a bit more care and anticipation, and you don't have to deafen everyone in a 2km radius to get noticed and be safe.
  20. The loud pipes save lives thing used to work, once. Today, every car has better aircon, better stereo, and works better with all the windows up. Times have changed. The people you most want to warn and notify these days will not hear you this side of an artillery barrage.

    I gave up loud pipes when they only drew the attention of the law, and when I did some experimenting with the use of the horn. What I found there, was that everybody within 100m can hear it, except the f*ckhead you're trying to warn! Headlight flasher button is much more effective, and being ready to cover your front brake or swerve at any moment is more effective again. The most effective thing though, is defensive riding. Ride so as to be seen. Identify those who may not have seen you and take steps to cover yourself.
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