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Days I shouldn't be on the bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Bravus, Aug 8, 2006.

  1. Ran out of fuel, just coming off the freeway (thanks to the guy upstairs that it didn't happen while overtaking on the freeway). Remembered (this time - pushed the sodding thing about half a km up hill last time I ran out because I was newly back to biking and forgot) the existence of the reserve and rode to the servo to fill up. Got on and rode out, only to realise I hadn't buckled my helmet. Pulled over, gloved off, did that, admonished myself: "OK, focus now, no more screwups...", gloved on again and rode home (I'm sure there was a 'forgetting to dig the keys out of the pocket before putting the gloves on' in the sequence somewhere too). Got home, went to casually kick the sidestand, missed and had the bike fall over. Stopped it from hitting the ground (will feel it tomorrow) but hit my head on the side of the garage in the process (but not hard enough to ding the plaster, so hopefully not hard enough to require the purchase of a new helmet).

    The bike's staying in the shed until tomorrow - my reflexes, nerves and attention are clearly just not up to the task today.
  2. go buy a lottery ticket :p
  3. Oh yes, some days your biorhythms, or whatever they are, just go out to lunch.... These are good days to leave it in the garage...
  4. And then there's also the planets, and the moon, and the little voices inside us that keep confusing us...

    I'm having one of those days at work... emails sent to the wrong people, meetings confused, names forgotten... me thinks I need to get on my bike !
  5. :p

    The rest of us call it "Monday"...
  6. Just call it your lucky day.
  7. I feel your pain mate, die to a miscalculation I ran out of fuel (Luckily) right.at.the.security.gates. Very embarrasing having to swipe my sec card and push the bike through. :oops:
    So...how far does the VTR 250 reserve get you?
  8. I'm actually on a VT (Spada), not a VTR, but I was only about half a k from the petrol station (ironically, pretty close to where I ran out last time), so thankfully I didn't have to test the depth of the reserve.
  9. And I did go and buy a Lotto ticket, so I guess we'll see... ;)