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Daylsford Run - well almost

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by mstamos, Jun 29, 2007.

  1. It is a shocking time of the year to be learning but whenever it’s not raining and the roads seem dry I go out. Last weekend I started off at about 7:30 as I planned to go to Gisbone, have a light breakfast there then travel up to Mt Macedon and take some photos of some of the historic homes, up to the cross on top of the mountain, then across the back to Woodend, coffee there, then east to Daylesford, lunch and photos, then south to Ballan, coffee and a drink, then back on the Freeway to Melbourne.

    What I did was travel over the Balte Bridge, froze my ass off, got off at Pascoevale, travelled towards the city looking for a McDonalds so I can unfreeze the anus (and every other part of my body), ended up at City Square, got off and had two coffees, boiling hot which I drank like water, had breakfast, more coffee, travelled to Mordialloc along the bay, parked the bike next two a couple of Harleys, with mods, they looked so hot I photographed them pretending I was photographing my bike, decided to keep going, ended up in Rye travelling along the beach, decided to go to the back beaches and travel back to Melbourne through the other side of the Peninsula as the wind had become relatively strong and was pushing me about making me quite nervous, (my thinking was that if the wind is offshore, then it should die down inland due to obstructions). Travelled to the Rye back beach with the wind still strong, realised that wind CAN blow over trees, travelled along some country roads, absolutely shit myself rocking in the wind doing 100 so I dropped down to 80 and gave everyone else the shits instead, back to Dromana so that I can at least travel 60 -70 without getting everyone frustrated. Stopped at McDonalds, to thaw out, back to Melbourne and a sigh of relief - 240 km and had a ball.

    Lesson Learnt and actions

    1. Practice going 100 so I can get used to it
    3. Attempt No 2 to do the Daylesford run

  2. thermals and a neck warmer are invaluable. Makes any trip very comfortable! Invest in some :grin:
  3. If you want to get out there in winter and enjoy your riding make sure you have the right gear...thermals help alot but a pair of insulated pants like dryriders or rjays are worth their weight in gold...waterproof, warm as and nice and comfy...I tend to wear thermals under these too and they keep you toasty warm...while they may not have the protection of leather they keep you a damn sight warmer! :)

    I only just bought a pair this winter and have been wodering how I got by so long without them :shock:

    Then add a winter Jacket, some decent gloves and your set...I also wear a balaclava in winter...makes a hell of a difference to keeping your head warm too
  4. I feel your pain. I don't have a car atm so I have to ride everywhere...with rain also!

    And yes, I very quickly bought a thermal top. Funds are tight atm, and as the Boronia crowd can vouch for, seeing they have to wait for me every week, I wear a LOT of layers!...leggings...leg warmers...whatever pants I wear to work...trakkies...woolen socks...bike pants...wet weather pants if needed...and that's just the bottom!

    Had an incident with a dogs bladder and my bike pants this morning so I borrowed some RJays wet weather pants...while huge on me...oh so toasty! So I'd say they're worth the investment!

    As for the wind..yeah, it's a biatch. I was pissing everyone off on Frankston Fwy Wednesday night with the rain and wind...but just try and remain calm and never try and push yourself past what you're comfortable with. I know I was driving them insane, but 45kg on a little 250 with that wind and rain and not being able to see, I was only going as fast as I was comfortable with :p

    Good on you for getting out there :)
  5. Good on you for going out in the elements, keep it up and next year you might want to come to Eden with the other N/Rs
    Get the best winter/wet weather gear you can afford, it will last a fair while.
    You can get Hypothermia on a bike too.
  6. I am a big wuss when it comes to the cold, so naturally I got my licence just before winter last year and got my first bike around the middle of winter.

    As I am such a wuss, I went out and bought all the winter gear before I got the bike and I certainly dont regret it, as I ride rain, hail or shine. Nice and toasty. :)
  7. Best thing I found for winter is inner gloves. I still use my summer gloves as I have winter ones and I just don't have much (if any) feeling at all wearing them. We found some inner gloves, much like "gardening gloves" except thin as cotton(I think) and fits easily and snugly under my normal summer gloves. Keeps my hands warm, I still have around the same feeling (if even the same amount). And they cost $1 a pair at the Belmont Sunday market (where my parents have a stall, whilst visiting them we came across a stall selling these gloves. AWESOME! :grin:
  8. Oxfords, Oxfords, Oxfords.... and one more word.... Oxfords! (Heated hand grips)
    I went from not being able to operate my hands to get into my house after a ride, to feeling warm and toasty in the most cr@ptacular of conditions.
    Neck warmer and balaclava are good also. Can get a neckwarmer with built in silk balaclave for about $15 from PS at the moment.
    Get good warm gloves. Some have an elastic insert that will stop any wind.
    And dude, if you ever wanna do Daylesford again and want someone to ride with, give me a yell!

    Cheers, Brij
  9. Thank you so much for the offer - I am very new so you may have to put up with me not necessarily always going 100 but if you can put up with that frustration - I'll take you up on the offer.