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Daylight Savings

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Nixy V3, Oct 28, 2006.

  1. Is it tonight we put the clocks forward an hour for daylight savings ? Im hopeless at remembering these things :roll:

  2. It certainly is nixon-chic.

    Technically at 2am if you want to be anal. But just before you go to bed is most people's trick.

    Oh...and as our friends at the Fire Brigade like to remind us...don't forget to check your smoke detector battery while your at it!!

  3. now i'll be forced to actually read my bike users manual to learn how to change the digital clock display ! :?

  4. No need to check em, most people pull them out! Smoke alarms are far too sensitive and false alarm far too frequently for most people's liking!
    In my house, cooking fried rice would set it off, in the new place, starting the wood heater sets it off :roll:

    Regards, Andrew.
  5. I just changed my mobile phone clock as that's my alarm. That way I may go to bed a bit earlier so I'm not poopedfor work tomorrow morning.
  6. :shock: didn't think of that ......... damn, so will I :grin:
  7. Thanks for replies. Will be sure to reset the clocks when I go to bed or in the morning, cant be fagged with the 2am bit.

    Thank gawd I dont have a fancy smancy display on my bike to worry about changing, but uh oh, the cage :LOL:

    And lil, tomorrow is Sunday, the day of rest darlin!
  8. ahhhh ya goose im sure i reminded you yday.
    gawd im so gonna slap u round next time im down there.

    :LOL: you giving me more & more reasons to :p
  9. pffft...

    That was two weeks ago, bout time you lot caught up!!
  10. :rofl: toldya Im hopeless !
    Ooops :shock:
    Im in biggg twubbbbbbble (cause Im sure will have even more reasons by your next visit :p)
  11. :?: :?: :?: :?: Where did half a dozen posts in this thread disappear to?? :?: :?: :?:
  12. Just flick the power off then on at 11, that way all the clocks should reset back to the correct time ;) :LOL:.
  13. Don't do what I did last year when I turned up for nightshift on the changeover night and asked for a 2am meal break. The supervisors had been betting on which dumb ass would do it and it turned out to be me. I had a 3am break instead. And yes those 12 hour nightshifts get awfully long when you are on them at the end of daylight savings and have to put the clock back an hour.
  14. Dumbest thing I've done with daylight savings was getting home after 2am and deciding to not only set my clock forward an hour - but the alarm time as well (made sense at the time but I had been drinking). Fortunately I worked that one out before Monday morning rolled around.
  15. I was up last night/this morning and i noticed the clock on the computer automatically go forward an hour at 2am - has it built in

    Speaking of daylight Savings - Well done to the NSW Govt. for putting daylight savings in the middle of the HSC :)
  16. Mickyb, you should immediately change your gender in your profile as no self respecting male EVER reads the instruction manual :rofl:
  17. For the record . . .
    I didn't read the Ducati booklet !
    I actually fiddled with the dash buttons and it worked.

    Wooohooo +1 for the male specie !!
  18. I woke up Sunday morning....looked at the alarm clock...saw it said 7.30 and thought "oooh yeah..plenty of time till the ride".

    Lie there awake for a while and then it just hits me. ****!!! Out of bed. Into gear. And outta there! Got to ride with 10 mins to spare. :)
  19. personaly jj I dont see what the fuss is about...I've been dying for some sunnies for teh last month and some 70+spf sunscreen :LOL: white, red hair and blue eyes wow i'm supprised i have lasted this long. :roll:

    The extra hour well its just play time really after the frist week i'm sure most of these queenslanders will be whinging about it like we did in tas... It would be nice to have the eastern states on the same time but in why we should change? Well there isnt any real reason as its mainly the states below the 30 latt that have major sunpath changes between winter and summer. Bigger percieved axial swing (24 deg or so i forgett) of mother earth hence longer days in summer. Dusk at 8:30pm in summer in launceston with daylight savings.
  20. Anyone in WA confirm that you are going over to Daylight Savings for the first time in early December??