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Daylight Savings Time

Discussion in 'Site Announcements' started by Mouth, Oct 30, 2005.

  1. Rather than get the barrage of questions that always comes with daylight savings time changes -"Why are all the post times wrong when I look at them?" etc., I have manually adjusted the time zone for everyone that was +10:00 to +11:00.

    This will mean that for everyone except Queenslanders, the timezone will be correct and the post times you see will be correct too :)

    Apologies to the Queenslanders, but there was no way to determine which state users come from and thus exclude you from the manual change I performed. For those Queenslanders, just go into your profile and set your timezone back to +10:00.
  2. Why the hell don't we have it!?!?

    Well at least i don't feel like a sheep.

    Instead i feel like the lil guy thats sittin in the corner
  3. For the same reason as "Please explain!" :)

    Farmers rule Qld, and farmers say the animals get confused. Cows with Guns and all that :)

    Johnie Howards is trying to convince Qld they should re-vist daylight savings and adopt it, and that all Eastern states should follow Tasmania's lead and have it start in mid October.

    He'll probably just mandate it at the federal level with the senate majority if Qld don't do it :)
  4. Yes coming from a long line of farmers, the cows come in for milking at sunrise and sunset, so moving the clock forward or back 1 hour will confuse them.. Also what gives us the right to take an hour of sunlight off another country just so we can have an extra hour ..
  5. Besides, a lot of Queensland is in the tropics where DLS time is useless.
  6. Most town in the tropics in Aus use DLS anyway, spent 3 years in Wyndham top WA, schools/work during the wet started earlier and finished earlier than they did in Perth, Just wasn't a formal DLS

    In Port Headland alot of shops closed for siesta over lunch.
  7. This is probably because main population centre of WA is in Perth, and where the voters are. NT does not have DST and it will probably never be considered. I lived in Darwin about 9 years on and off and have never heard of these siestas being taken there that you speak of.

    There was a plebicite in QLD awhile ago to for DST but only the Brisbane voters wanted it. The rest voted against it and so it was not passed.

    In the tropics the equator is not to far away so you do not get a large difference between daylight hours in "summer' months and "winter" months so the DST practice is not required.
  9. Yeah. You are right. WA did have it in the long long ago but appears they don't now.

    So thats why when the cricket is on over there we are watching it at 8:30pm.
  10. It doesn't help when luminaries such as Peter Beattie have brilliant ideas such as suggesting southern queensland businesses (gold coast) could observe daylight savings voluntarily in an attempt to keep the same time as the Tweed in NSW. Great idea, but isn't it just moving the problem slightly further north? GC businesses will be out of synch with Brisbane... :roll:

    Oh well, what do you expect from such a brilliant intellectual as Beattie. He was originally against DST, (like most QLDers was worried about it fading the curtains), but he had a long, hard think about it, and decided that DST would increase the rates of skin cancer

    Good to see such smart people can still get elected to office in this country.
  11. probably not, marty, because as noted above, it's a state matter not a federal one

    But if it's lighter, later, it should be easier to find the terrorists......
  12. Correct, we do not have it.
  13. When I was in QLD Jo Bjelke-Petersen was the boss, he and his followers reckoned the sun shone out of his @rse-hole and he wasn't going to get out of bed an hour earlier for anyone!!!!

  14. Only reason you'd be a farmer is to pull tits. :p :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: And I could just see you standing in line to get a go at it too. ***Banjo and guitar in the background****

    Cows are milked at any hour. They get used to it fairly quickly.

    It's the cockies who can't get used to it. If you shifted a gate on them, they couldnt get out of the paddock.

    There's a cocky at Johanna who milks 3 times a day.

    Cocky near Heyfield milks about 2-3pm.

    Why? Because of the time the tanker arrives. He gets the temp down and soon after the tanker arrives. That way he does not have to pay for more refrig than he has to. If the temp is not down, he either gets rejected or lower price.

    Friend used to milk in the evening because the tanker arrived at 3pm. He said bugger it and milked late. Held milk overnight and the morning tanker got a double load.
  15. I was going to say that......................

    Serves me right for not logging in for 5 days I s'pose
  16. As much as I love daylight savings, I can see the Qld farmers point of view. It's hard enough teaching caows to tell the time with out having to teach them to set their watches as well. :LOL:
  17. Gee all the southerners just love to poke fun at QLD about DLS time.
    I used to live in Longreach and why would you need the "extra" daylight (which is the real stupid thing, like you can find an extra hour lying around :LOL: ) Out there it was light early and it was still light late. Didn't need more daylight, less would have been better.

    But I can understand the poor mexicans wanting more daylight, what with having to live in Melbourne and all :p