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Daylight Savings - move those clocks!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Nixy V3, Oct 27, 2007.

  1. Just a reminder.........

    Daylight Savings starts 2am (EST) Sunday 28 October 2007 so move your clocks forward one hour before bed or when you wake up tomorrow :dance:

    It ends 2am on Sunday 6 April 2008.

  2. thanks for the heads up. i completely forgot about that!
  3. Can't wait to be able to sleep past 6am ......... damn sun coming up at 5am & waking the pup :?
  4. why does it end in april instead of the usual march?
  5. Half the clock here are still on daylight savings time! I'm a wee bit lazy with some things :oops: :grin:
  6. For the lazy - just flick off the power to your house at 1am :LOL:
    About time this kicked in, sick of waking up at 6am every morning. Thanks for the reminder though 'cause otherwise I probably would have had no idea it was this weekend.
  7. I wish to God our Pollies up here would do us a favour and introduce it in our neck-of-the-woods, too. :mad:
  8. Make sure you edit your profiles to GMT+11 hours too.
  9. Grrr, well unfortunately I had to start at 7am this morning for work, so got an hours less sleep. And of COURSE that means that my 10 month old son decided to have a terrible night and kept us up half the night as well.
  10. I forgot to set the alarm clock to daylight savings time and I forgot to turn the fcuker on.

    Good thing I woke up and spied 5am on the clock.

    With a 6.30am start, I had time to shower and I got here in 10 minutes.
  11. I feel your pain brother.
  12. oh, how my heart bleeds for you :nopity: :nopity:
    some of us have been working for an hour already at that time ;) :LOL:
  13. You mean red-neck-of-the-woods?

    Ahh QLD, 1 hour and 20 years behind....
  14. Whenever I hear this mentioned in QLD the reaction is akin to someone hearing that you've just rogered his daughter...

    Therefore I'm surprised that there are banana benders who actually think that DST is A Good Thing.
  15. I work 12hr shiftwork. Today, the guys on nightshift worked 11hrs. But the dayshift guys got either an hour's less sleep or that they had to go to bed an hour early and probably do like me, toss and turn for an hour or so...

    At the other end it's good and bad. Good for the dayshift guys who get an extra hour's sleep, or stay up an hour later, bad for the nighshift guys who get to work 13hrs. It's that last hour or so that kills you. What's even more demoralising, at 2am, or whenever to see the clock set back an hour...
  16. That reminds me, how come the date/time stamp can't be driven off the OS/s clock? Or that the software at your end can't compensate for it?
  17. Exactly what I thought but it's stated HERE too.
  18. Because its an old version of PHP? maybe there's a plugin? I don't know. We aren't into keeping things updated here :p
    We like old shit.

    The new website may fix the problem. However that too has been delayed :(