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Daylight Savings in QLD

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by cookeetree, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. Great idea, if you live in a State with leaders who are smart enough to have DST. :roll:

  2. aaaa, so you don't have to change your profile here, and you are still complaining about it? :shock: :LOL: :LOL:
    Don't you get the shits when the birds wake up before you and then they wake you up too?
    Find where Anna Bligh lives and put some roosters around her house !! maybe then they'll get it..
  3. No use. She's decided to stand up for the minority who don't want it. Gee, I wish they'd run elections like that, where the person with the LEAST amount of votes gets elected. Dumb stubborn old cow... :mad:
  4. The majority of Queenslanders don't want daylight savings - it's all the mexicans and welshman who have imigrated who want it.

    If you want daylight savings, cross that border.
  5. i dont know what's the dilio up there, but i think it's the farmers who don't want DTS and they are the minority of population but as the electorates are drawn disproportional to population, their vote is bigger than city ones. Also their lobbies are betterer...
    For a good night sleep, Don't vote The Nationals
  6. So, only born and bred Qld'ers are entitled to vote on it? C'mon, these people invested up here and pay there taxes up here, they should get as much of a say as anyone else.

    I'm a Qld'er and I want it. I woke up at 4am today and could already walk around the house with no lights on. When I left for work 1/2 hour later, I didn't need a headlight to see where I was going. It's ridiculous...
  7. Carol, what about the TAS or the NT's? where do you want to send those?:LOL: :LOL:
    You can only ask for someone to cross the border of your house. QLD does not belong to you, your majority or you minority. It belongs to every single QLDer, that is every and each single Australian whose residence (temp or perm) is at a QLD address. We all need to learn to accept living with our neighbours, and respect, even accommodate their needs, not tell them to go where they came from...
  8. It's not ridiculous, daylight savings was brought in for use in winter to save on candles, by Alexander Bell, so why does Australia have it in Summer? I'd rather have another hour of light in Winter to play a round of golf when it's not boiling hot. And it's still light after 7pm in Summer - how much more daylight do you really need?
  9. The last time I checked DST does not change the temp :LOL: :?
  10. You can not have it , because there are not a lot of hours to spare during the winter, so they should all be first allocated to the "working hours" timeslot.

    But during the summer, those extra hours should be allocated for when we come back from work and we want to spend some quality time with our kids in the backyard, or go cycling or walking etc.. If you are working 9-5 + 1 hour traffic, then you need DTS to have that extra 2 hours of "life" to spend after work.
    If you don't work... well then... let the majority of people who do work for a living have a life...

    If the West QLDers are happy with what they have, they should ask for a separate time zone, not stealing the extra hour of "life" from the East QLD workers...
    If the East QLDers are not happy with their Government, they should not vote for it next time..
  11. Shelley, since people are from all over the place and not everyone has their location properly recorded in their profile, adjusting for daylight savings is a manual process.

    Victoria is now +11GMT.

    As for daylight savings, I enjoy it, and I like that it's used in spring/summer, i.e., the part of the year with already longer periods of natural light.

  12. Don't you people know anything - Daylight Savings leads to Global Warming:

  13. Okay, now I'm confused. The first couple of posts have disappeared and I'm listed as the author of the thread.

    WT...? :?:
  14. Best one I have heard is a guy who says he wakes up every morning at 7.00am with a hard-on. If they bring in DLS, at 7.00am he'll be sitting at the bus stop!

    I say leave DLS for the Mexicans!
  15. It's the DST lobby with connections with the mods... :LOL:

    :rofl: :rofl: Actually, he won't be able to sit at all... Works for the ladies... They'll have all the blokes giving up their seats for them... :LOL: :LOL:
  16. *Whispered*

    Shhhh, they're listening.
  17. I'm from Victoria, I've lived in Qld for 11 yrs.
    I work and live on the east coast and I don't want daylight savings.

    Call me whatever you like but, if you want it, Tweed is only an hours drive from here. When I'm answering the phones at work, and customers from south say oh yeah you don't have it.. I say yep, I don't have to remember to change a bloody clock and it's nature, don't f*** with it :)
  18. You don't have to remember to change the clocks, they change automatically, that's if you belong to the 21st century.

    Also, if we would start working at dusk, we wouldn't need DTS, but there is no connection between nature and the idea of "9am".
  19. Mexican. :p