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Daylight Saving muck up

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by pvda, Mar 26, 2006.

  1. My PC has auto adjusted for the end of daylight savings a week early.

    S'pose this will serve as a heads up to anyone who relies on computers to be aware your appointment calendar functions and other time sensitive stuff could play up this week.
  2. yes its is fun

    there is a patch from Microsoft to update server time

    then when over you have to remove patch or next year

    time will be out again
  3. If you did your Windows Updates, you woudln't have a problem. This patch was released about 1 month ago.

    Download the patch here.
  4. there still will be issues for some networks (inc the one I look after), but for the average home PC, just apply the patch or ignore it.

    I used to live in Albury, but work acroos the border in Wodonga, for three years DST started and finished at differnt times in NSW and VIC (mainly due to the premiers Kirner and Greiner trying to outdo each other, and couldn't give a fark about the public.

    It was interesting getting home 40 minutes BEFORE I left work :shock:
    but a real biatch having to get up at sparrow fart in the morning to get to work on time.

  5. Dont apply the patch if you use outlook calandaring. just uncheck observer daylight savings, re apply next weekend - otherwsie is will screw up your appointments.
  6. I've manually adjusted the time of the home PC back but I'm almost dreading turning up to work tomorrow where we run a national network using XP.

    Kind of glad it's only a two day week, funeral on Tuesday (not mine) & the F1's on Thursday & Friday.
  7. let confusion rein for a week!!!
  8. This issue is causing absolute havack with the time based systems at work apparently Oracle has been screwed all week. but thats expected I guess.