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Daylight Saving Dates

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by LadyRider, Sep 28, 2007.

  1. Daylight Saving Dates

    At start of daylight saving period, move clock forward one hour at 2 am EST (Eastern Standard Time);

    Starts: on Sunday 28 October, 2007 2am Standard Time (Eastern Standard Time) .
    Ends: on Sunday 6 April, 2008 2am Standard Time (Eastern Standard Time)

    At end of daylight saving period, move clock back one hour at 2 am EST (Eastern Standard Time)
  2. should be in off topic not general...
  3. :roll: i cant win :roll:

    i try to do something for Everyone and its STILl in the wrong place :shock:
  4. Dont worry i appreciate this info as i was just thinking about it :wink:
  5. Thanks Z900
    i went looking for the info myself
    as i was told today it starts this weekend (i didnt think it was that early)
  6. LOL. As I saw the topic I'm thinking to myself, this should be in general, not offtopic.

    Its totally relevant for riders IMO!!
  7. Next year we move into line with Tassi/NZ so it'll start at the beginning of Oct.
    But yes - its been confusing alot of people & am surprised that I haven't heard any mention of when the change is ............ but then I only listen to public radio :)
  8. It's relevant in that you need to know the right time when going through school zones.

    P.S. Thanks for the reminder.

  9. You can still do something for everyone by putting it in the right place.

    Good thing I saw it and moved it to the correct place ;)
  10. Daylight Savings? What's that?? I hope to never have to find out!!!! :grin:
  11. Here's a HOT tip .... The battery companies will bombard us with ads about changing the batteries in our smoke alarms every time daylight savings comes or goes in the week before it happens. Its not that hard. Unless you don't listen to the radio, read the newspapers or watch any TV .. but thanks for the heads up :grin:
  12. Now that stubborn old Pete's gone, you just might find out. I lived with it in Canberra for three years and loved it. We'd go to the local swimming hole every evening. There'd be at least fifty other people there doing exactly the same thing!

    I really hope they bring it in up here, at least in the S.E. region. It's ridiculous being woken by the sun at 4am!!
  13. tim the tigers fan wrote

    but my telly, newspaper and radio are out o batteries

    PECHING! yeah, that was baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad

    thanks for the heads up lady rider. if im not in front of the telly watching the news the evening before, i have no way of knowing.


    4am???!!! what time does the sun go down? and when do the rosters crow? my parents nieghbour has a rooster that crows at 3am, when its still very dark.

  14. At the height of summer, I can still be on the mower until 7pm without the lights on.

    The only whinge my mother ever had about DS (we lived in Sydney when I was born) was that it was hard to get the kids to sleep while the sun was still out.

    Please, Premier Bligh, bring in Daylight Savings!!! :cool:
  15. cookeetree wrote

    oh yeah! that's got to be a tricky situation.

    the queenslanders complained about dls because "their cirtains would fade"


    ive been told there's a logical reason for it but cant remember what it was.
  16. Can I cash in all my daylight saving now?

    I've never been told when I'm allowed to use it, and I dont want to waste it after saving it for so many years......
  17. I'm one of those mums who have to put the kids to bed... and I HATE getting out of bed in the morning - we don't need it in Qld.
  18. So, do you like the 4:30am wakeups that come with no daylight savings?
  19. I don't open my eyes before 7am on a weekday and 9am on a weekend, except for special occasions and golf!!! I prefer to ride in the afternoon
  20. carolf wrote

    nah nah, common! tis always best in the morning :wink: