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Daylight robbery or fair enough?

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by Oldmaid, Jun 24, 2015.

  1. So Wasabi has just clocked over 12000km this weekend so I booked her in to have her 12k service.
    Even I gagged when I was told that the service cost would be $540 :shock:
    Am I being had or sounds fair enough????
    Past two services were $320 (1000 and 6000km)....

  2. Check the maintenance schedule in the owners manual and compare what is done at each service. The 1k and 6k services were probably little more than an oil change and grease some pivot points. The 12k service probably involves checking, lubing and replacing more parts and may need more of the bike to be pulled apart (e.g. tank lifted to get to air filter).

    A factory dealership is probably charging you something like $140/hr. A private workshop will be more like $80 to $100 and doesn't affect warranty if they use factory replacement parts like filters. The big "parts" expense tends to be decent oil. They will charge you somewhere between $10 and $25 a litre and the Ninja probably takes 3 to 4 litres.

    When the bike is out of warranty, self-servicing for most things is pretty easy or pay a mechanically minded mate to assist, especially for minor services. You can still take the bike to a proper workshop for a major service.

    Doing a basic motorcycle maintenance course can be money well spent. I know St George Community College runs a 2-day course several times a year. Even if you don't end up doing your own maintenance, the extra awareness of your bike and its component parts os good knowledge to have.
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  3. Or come to Melbourne and we can show you how to change oil and filter for free
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  4. Check to see exactly what they are doing for that $. What bike do u have pls? Where are u from ? My advice is to buy oils and filters and put a thread in here offering a case of beer for someone local to do the work and show u at the same time. That should cost u nothing near that price
  5. OldmaidOldmaid - there's a place in the small street behind Procycles Hornsby (further down from the Procycles workshop) that I have heard great things about. Will try to get the details later for my reference as well. This was mentioned to me on a previous thread in the mists of time past.
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  6. Any work that involves valve clearance shims is time consuming and consequently expensive.
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  7. Miss Jane, welcome to the world of bike servicing costing anything up to double the same process for a car :(
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  8. I have my bike in at the moment for a jet-kit carburetor rebuild, a freshen up of the front forks and a new back tyre; I'm not expecting any change from a grand.....
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  9. Thanks everyone! I didn't pay that much for my cheap, nasty, clapped out, only used for hospital parking car, Wonny the Barina, to have his 100,000 km service! Although he didn't need the timing belt done...
    Will go on an archaeological dig in my bike bits room to find the service manual and just see how my buck will be banged.
    Just sounded like an awful lot of coin...
    I really want to do a motorcycle maintenance course (zen optional) and keep an eye out for them but none found yet. Girls Ride out normally do them but haven't for a couple of years.
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  10. What bike and year model is it ?
  11. 2014 kwaka Ninja 300Ex
  12. According to manual it's
    Oil and filter and Spark plugs need replacing. Other stuff is "inspecting"
    That sounds like a rip off to me. U could buy parts for under $100.
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  13. OldmaidOldmaid this would probably be Jay whom you already know.

    I'd recommend him but I would not recommend that you do your own servicing whilst you still have a factory warranty.

    You'll invalidate the warranty if you do work but not if a registered bike mechanic does it for you.
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  14. Yup I thought maybe Jay but as a few hidey holes down there wasn't sure. :)
    This is my last under warranty service so will suck it up but go elsewhere next time.
    Li'l Wasabi is a year old on August 5.
  15. Isnt that the Horses Birthday as well
  16. 1st of August all the nags get a year added and it is also Wattle Day...National Wasabi Day and Be Kind to Yoshi day is the 5/8 :)

    EDIT well there you go since 1992 wattle day has been the 1/9...I'll go let my Acacias know now!
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  17. Just did my 12K service in QLD for $295 that came with a loaner bike....albeit a 250 cruiser.

    EDIT: They also adjusted my suspension for me as part of the service.
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  18. Barters81Barters81 ummmm thanks? Ha...sounds good. As I say I had to choke back the bile at $540 before the bike has even been looked at!
    And joy of joys the rego/CTP/insurance is due on 4/8 as well...

    Okay...that made me think (for a change) do I have to have RWC on new bikes or is it like cars and only need one after so many years pls?

    I'll just go blow the smoke off the AMEX shall I? :woot:
  19. If you're in Sydney, Western Suburbs or similar, I suppose I can come over & help you out on what exactly it is that you need done & I can minimise the cost to the best of my ability. I've only started to gain a basic know-how on motorcycle maintenance so I won't go beyond my skill level.
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  20. Very kind of you JustCruisinJustCruisin
    I will get this service done as last one under warranty and I can have my nice official little Kawasaki dealer stamp in my service book.
    But I might take you up later on changing filter and oil though please.:)