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Day trips around melbourne

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Springtime, Jan 26, 2007.

  1. Can anyone suggest some good roads for a newbie? Im on the south-eastern side of melbourne. I've mostly been riding around warandyte up towards kinglake and around Mt. Dandenong. Any other suggestions would be muchly appreciated!

  2. I'd suggest riding to King Lake West then to Flowerdale and Yea for starters. :grin:
    May be Olinda Monbulk Cockatoo Woori Yallock to Healesville and back.
  3. How confident a rider are you? What type of riding do you prefer doing? How far do you want to go?
  4. Ive been riding for about six months now, so Im pretty close to brand new.... Im really looking for roads that have some nice twisty sections but arent completely leathal.

    The road up to king lake is about my limit for tricksyness. Ive done it a few times now but the first time was pretty scary!
  5. I'm stretchin the memory back about 15 years but i always enjoyed the run to sugarloaf resivior a good run or out through eltham towards hurstbridge etc when i lived down that way. Yarrambat is another good run. I used to live in greensborough.
  6. Thanks for all the tips people!!! And thank you Loz for that link!!!! there is a great wealth of information there!!!

    Nothing left to do now but ride sally ride
  7. Most of the roads in teh Sth Gippy area are like that
  8. What Mouth said. You'll find some lovely rds in Gippsland...perfect for day trips from Melbourne.
  9. Will also be using that site!.

    Some good ideas for a ride.
  10. any roads round gippsland in particular that would be suited to my needs?
    As ive never been down that way I wouldnt know where top start?
  11. 1) Go to Lang Lang, turn left, go thru to Nyora and Poowong. Keep going until you reach a t-intersection, turn left. Stay on this road - it will take you to Drouin/Warragul. Turn back and repeat, or continue if you like thru Neerim, Powelltown etc to Yarra Junction.

    2) Go thru Lang Lang but turn left at the roundabout. Stay on this road right thru to Drouin. Rinse and repeat.

    3) Go thru LL (again). go to Poowong as per 1). Turn left instead of going straight as per 1). Will eventually meet up with the end of 2).

    4) Go to Wonthaggi (Go straight at the Phillip Island roundabout). Turn left where posted, ride back up to Korumburra. Turn right and head to Leongatha etc if you like, or turn left and right which will bring you up to 1).

    As you can see, most of these roads link up to one another to make loops or other combos. This is just the tip of the iceberg - Gippsland is fantastic!
  12. Or if you like, head down the highway towards Grantville - turn left at the traffic lights there and follow the windy road up to Glen Alvie turn off/intersection. You'll be faced with three options. You can turn left at this head to Loch/Poowong/Drouin or you can go straight ahead to Glen Alvie (and then turn off for Korumburra or right to Wonthaggi) or you can just turn right and head straight to Wonthaggi. 3 choices....I'm yet to ride from this intersection to Loch/Poowong/Drouin, but it's sure twisty and looks fun. :)

    As always...with country rds, beware of trucks and cars...some of these roads are narrow. Stick to your side and always be on the ball. :)
  13. Thanks once again!! I seriously love this forum!!! Everyone has so much knowledge and are willing to share it at the drop of a hat! Big hugs for everyone!
  14. The bottom right quarter of map 612 in the Melway is a good one - look at all those squiggly road lines :)

    Or, visit https://netrider.net.au/?page=merchandise and get yourself a AUS riding atlas full of great roads through Vic and all the other states :grin: