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Day trip to PI for the MotoGP anyone?

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by removed-6, Aug 14, 2006.

  1. Will we have a Netrider group ride for those of us planning on just going down on the morning to the MotoGP and coming home that evening?

  2. Hi triway,

    I will be in a ride to the GP just for the day, Im actually thinking of going to the pub for a counter lunch and a beer or 2 and watching it on the screen? Im not really sure about that side of it at this stage will play that as it comes. But will be up for the ride.
  3. I'm up for a ride on the day. Where do you want to meet?
  4. How do I get to Galactica? :LOL:
  5. yeah im up for it .. time and place be good .. never seen motorcycle race live before only on telly .. let me now cheers .. can you buy tickets there or do you need to buy before getting to the event .. um i think thats it
  6. I'm keen for a day trip to the GP. :)

    I've just watched the movie/doco on foxtel called "Faster" a tribute to Barry Sheene......
    I'm in GP mode now, I can't wait :p
  7. Cool, so far-

    Me, Triway

    We can make details re meeting points and times closer to the day i reckon.
  8. Sweet.
    most of us seem to be in the north/west so it should be easy to work out :)
    I think Alli wants to come too....
    two chicks on same coloured Virago's... V1 & V2 :LOL: :p
  9. Started my own topic, before this one was pointed out to me. I'm headed in from Laverton and possibly a mate as well. Love to meet up somewhere.
  10. Cool, I think we will wait til next week to arrange a meeting point and time.
  11. i might be up for this depending on how the weather looks.
  12. Yeah I aint gonna ride 3hrs in the rain to get there, rather sit on the couch.
  13. Well, my buddy has confirmed that the missus will let him out and the weather is currently listed as "Mainly Fine" (and we all know what that means for the island :p ) .

    The 125s start at 1200. Any proposals for a where and when to meet?
  14. I'm told it's about 2.5hrs from CBD so what about 9am at Shell Westgate city bound?

    Personally I'm not that fussed if I miss a bit (or all) of the 125cc's.
  15. Hey count me in too! The only people I know with bikes have either lost their license, working, bike out of action, out of the country, broke, or going in a car.

    I've never been in a group of more than 5, so I want to buddy up. Help the newbie!
  16. Anybody going Friday morning?
  17. the group so far is-

    Me, Triway
    Yocaptain ?????? Out of action ???????
  18. yes going at about 7.30 friday morning
  19. I'd prefer to see at least the finish of the 125s. Can we make it 8am instead?