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Day ride to Phillip Island Sunday 20/3/05 (tomorrow)

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by doonx, Mar 19, 2005.

  1. I've never been to Phillip Island, so I was thinking about doing a day trip tomorrow. "They" tell me it's only about a 90 minute ride from the South Eastern Suburbs.

    Anyone else interested is coming along ?

    I'm looking for about a 10am departure but am flexible. Would anyone who wants to come along like to suggest a meeting point.

    I'll be online until about 7:45pm, but I'll check back late tonight and first thing in the morning.
  2. its a pretty boring ride to phillip island mate, i'd say save it for the superbikes in 2 weeks instead

    head up reefton tomorrow, weather is going to be great for it
  3. hmmmm : didn't realise it was boring. I know that Reefton isn't :D
  4. He's right the ride to the Island is boring if you go via the highway, to make it interesting ride to Warragul, turn right to Kurrumburra, via Grand Ridge road, but be careful, it can be tricky, close swinging twisties and the occasional cruising Harley.
  5. Or go Mulgrave, Healesville, Myers Creek Rd to Toolangi, Kinglake West and on to Broadford.

    Good roads, sweepers and twisities, and a race track with racing. Much better than the <yawn> South Gippsland Highway.
  6. Hey Doonks..
    A few of us head to Maccas in Mulgrave Sunday morning 10/11ish corner Sprinvale & Wellington Rds..

    Meet there and I will got out for a cruise tomorrow..
  7. just got up - the biology isn't reacting the best to last night bottles of red wine :(

    think i'll have a qiuet one today, which I know i'll regret given the perfect weather outside
  8. I did a similar ride yesterday (had to go to Wonthaggi for the HPV competition) and i'll say it was boring as all hell. I still plan on heading down the the Island when the superbikes are on.

    That highway is just straight and ass numbingly boring.
  9. ...Then take into account the scale of the map. :D
    Yeah, im sure if i headed out to Warragul and then south from there it would've been far more interesting. I've gone for a little stint out there in the cage and thought that other than the cow-made-hazards on the road; and loads of mud, it'd be a fairly awesome run.

    At the same time im rather hesistant to ride in farming area's after a couple of close calls involving large trailers pulling into driveways round tight blind corners. That and the odd wayward cow.
  10. yeah i agree, but reefton is closer, and also the trouble with all those squiggly lines is that its very easy to get lost in there could take you all day to get back to civilisation...