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Day ride from Perth - ideas?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by drjay555, Aug 18, 2014.

  1. Will be in Perth for a couple of days in September. Looking for ideas for a day ride, possibly two. Any good bike hire places? Thanks

  2. If you like really long boring straight roads you're in for a treat.. :). Sadly not comparable to the day rides near Sydney and Melbourne.. I basically stopped going out on the weekends when I moved here 9 years ago..

    Closest thing to a road with some twisties is Mundaring Weir Rd in Kalamunda. Scenic, but short.. Just be wary of pea gravel and the odd weekend racer (knee down, wrong side of the road)..

    Good riding to be found down south around Margaret River - but it's ~300kms to get there which is doable depending on your definition of a "day ride"..

    Not twisty but very scenic is the ride up West Coast Highway from Fremantle (north). Little detour through Cottesloe to check out the beach goers, back packers, and lycra clad joggers is highly recommended..

    Other than that - enjoy the fact that 99% of speed cameras over here are front firing - so smile and wave as it photographs the front of your bike :). Don't forget police radar guns work just as well here as everywhere else, but fines are cheap (compared to Vic) - and no points off your license if you're < 10km/h over..

  3. A two day ride? Visit Margaret River, and throughs to Walpole and Albany, and back home. September is usually fantastic weather, but may get warmer if you go inland.

    Sorry, I have no ideas on bike hire.
  4. I spent a few years in Perth and there are a few decent roads around there. I wasn't riding at the time but I drove a few interesting ones.

    The roads around Toodyay are alright. If I remember correctly Toodyay Rd, Old Toodyay Rd and the Northam Toodyay Rd are all pretty decent. Those are all north of the city.

    South of the city there is Coalfeilds Rd between Bunbury and Collie.

    None of these rds are super technical but there might be some more around if you take a look at google maps of the area. I was only on them trying to get places as opposed to enjoying the drive.
  5. Thanks for the suggestions guys. Cheers
  6. Yes the only thing worth riding on a sports bike is the hills around Kalamunda.

    When I lived there, I always thought a Hardley made more sense, for cruising up and down the coast in the sun.

    You'll need at least 2 days to go down to Margaret river and/or Pemperton to make it worthwhile. Basically the area from Bussleton around to Albany, via Margaret river, is scenic riding, but you are looking at 3 days by the time you do that and get back to Perth.
  7. Down south there are some good roads... Caves road is fun but too busy, but out towards Bridgetown there's some good roads.... Or dwellingup, closer to perth.
  8. I don't know about Harley.... I'd say hayabusa.
  9. There is good riding around toodyay, gidgigannup, lower chittering, York, ... Certainly not east coast (where I am also from) but not bad. Google "Perth's best motorcycle roads". There's a few sites with good suggestions.
  10. Well hello Rod, welcome to Netrider.
  11. Hello Rod. Welcome to NR and thanks for the suggestions.
  12. Just to end this thread. Did find a Speed Triple from a relatively new outfit called WestCoastMotorCycleHire. Like their bikes - Triumphs and Ducs. Good gear too. Did riding thru mixed conditions - rain n shine. Toodyay Road, Chittering , Northam, Mundaring Weir Road, all have something nice about them. Lookout for the patrol cars. Few of them around. Ah! But this was the long weekend. Cheers.
    ps : perfect end to the trip. Better than watching those dorks Marquez and Pedrosa crash out.
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