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Day pass: for whom the tollway tolls

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Fuzzy, Jun 3, 2008.

  1. I have just realised that after driving into the city on Wednesday night I plum forgot to get a day pass :shock:

    Will I go to jail? :oops: :? :) :grin: :oops:

  2. Yes
    There you will be flogged and abused within an inch of your life.
  3. Oh noes! :eek:

    Edit: I read that I have 3 days after travel to get a day pass, looks like I missed the boat there. Guess I'll go up to the post office tomorrow and see what they can tell me.
  4. And you will become the personal plaything of a heavily tatooed shaven-headed individual known as "Killer". :wink:
  5. Just call Shittylink, they will happily take money off you over the phone.
  6. 'tis ok, as much as a bit of rompy stompy with Killer is very tempting, it turns out I should just get an invoice in the mail: toll costs + admin costs :)

    Internet research is a pain, but I found what I was looking for. Easier just to ask on NR, get a laugh as well.

    Netrider - the lazy girls' Google, hee hee :grin:

    edit: thanks, cejay...that sounds even easier. I'll give them a call tomorrow :)
  7. As long as you weren't speeding!!
  8. speed on citylink..... never...


    maybe :roll:
  9. Dammit, I was gonna say that!
  10. Forgive my ignorance....but i thought tolls didn't apply to bikes on citylink??
  11. ....scratch that,

    just re-read "after DRIVING into the city....." :oops:
  12. Yep, Trogga, I was driving. Hardly ever go into the city, so driving was bad enough...waaaay to chicken to ride my bike :LOL:

    And as for speeding, ummm now youse have got me thinkin' :p
  13. Because if you were speeding then they will hunt you down and throw your hoon arse into Jail.....

    However, if you weren't speeding, you will just end up with a fine. :LOL:
  14. All that happens is you get a letter in the mail saying you used the city link and failed to pay the toll..

    They double the fee - thats it... nothing to stress about

    No demerit points - nuffin..

  15. Thanks, peoples :) Some of you are very wise...the rest are just wise asses :LOL:

    Ha ha, I crack me up :wink:
  16. Nothing to do with riding

    Hi Fuzzy

    As a new member i have been looking around the the site and trying to spot other local riders. I came across your profile and well .... Pedanthropist??? :?
  17. Hi JK, welcome to NR :grin:

    'Pedanthropist' is just a play on the word 'pedant' cos I'm majorly pedantic...you need to put an occupation into your profile and I don't have an official one, so I made one up :) hee hee

  18. He He. Since your local, we should organise a ride. Finding free weekends can be difficult but over the school holidays some weekdays are a possibility. I'm a total beginner but have been up to the out post with girlfriend a few times.