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Day out riding with my old man

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Drew, Nov 6, 2006.

  1. I was settling down yesterday morning for a day of solid relaxation with a few bike mags and the PC.

    The phone rings and it's Dad finally wanting to go for a ride with me!! :woot: Ive been trying to get him out for a ride since i got my bike

    "yeah Dad, sure"

    So change of plans but even better than i had planned.

    We spent the day doing back roads and bendy bits From Kyneton to Lancefield, Woodend and up and down Mt Macedon. (We stopped for coffee at the top)

    Was really windy down on the flats (was riding at a constant lean most of the way) but it was really clam up on the mountain.. colder too.

    Cornering and bends got a lot better.... even negotiated the hairpins on the mountain with some degree of confidence.....(still fairly slow but I came out the other side...which is awlays good)

    On the way down, i went into one corner way to fast in to high a gear..... dunno what i was meant to do but I just grabbed the ctutch a bit to reduce power to the wheel and gave i little rear brake (had enough presence of mind to stay off the front) and leaned in harder...... and made it round ok........ Clench Tightly was riding pillion with me i think... :LOL: :LOL:

    Got lost a few times taking wrong turns but that just meant we got more bends to play on.

    And now for the BAD bit :( :evil:

    On the way down the mountain i nearly had a head on with another bike riding like a jerk.....on a corner he was coming up and was rounding the corner on my side of the road!!!! Misseed me by only a small distance as i saw the whites of his eyes go wide!!( i'm sure mine did too.) We both swerved and managed to avaoid disaster. Scared the hell out out of me and rattled me for the next few bends. Clench was back riding pillion again. :LOL:

    Dunno what bike it was... Dark coloured naked with dual headlights (Speed Triple??) was all i saw.

    Riding hard is fine but please stay in your lane!!
  2. Riding hard is fine but please stay in your lane!!

    +1. Glad you can avoid the disaster.. Ride Safe!
  3. Glad you got out of it ok :) but next time it happens (and it will) trust your bike, avoid grabbing the clutch unless you are going to straighten up and brake hard, just lean it in harder like you did.
  4. yep.. almost soiled the draggins when i saw him coming around the corner in my lane!!

    was the closest i've been to ann accident so far...... don't want to get any closer.
  5. Yeah i'm still working onthe trust bit..... the clutch just gave me some control over my speed without jumping on the anchors......worked ok but as you said probably not the best way to do it.
  6. So Drew the question that begs to be answered, what did your old man think of your ridiing?
  7. Yeah he thinks i'm doing pretty well.

    still get nervy in corners but getting better.

    I hardlt get to see him these days so a day out riding was great.
  8. Hi Drew
    i am really Stoked for you :applause: to get out riding with your dad :driver: :dance:
    i wish more were just as proud to ride along with dad's /brothers /sisiters ect

    i Love riding out with my Eldest Brother & my Partner
    and i now know he is duly proud to ride out with his Lil Sister \:D/

    what took a while was him realising his lil sis can ride
    ''Protective Big Bro ''and i am thank full for that
    what made it even better is i played'' Female'' :rofl: for a while to pick his brains and re learn more riding along with him

    WELL DONE :applause: for holding your own in the situation of the other rider in your lane

    We never stop learning
    Every day something new jumps up
    and we say hey i never knew that :grin:
    just luv those :idea: moments
  9. well as much as he would hate to admit it...i think Dad is actually happy i got the bike :)

    and yes it gives us something else in common which is always a good thing.

    As for the other rider..... i'd hate to think what could have happened if i hadn't swerved to the outside of my lane. It was a fairly steep drop on one side of the road )trees included) and rock on the other. Well i got throughit and i just willbe extra carefull next time i'm going through there.
  10. yeah how good is it riding with your dad!! first 'proper' ride i had was with my dad out to cessnock. just us 2 out on the back roads. was lots of fun. me buzzing behind him just plodding on his K100 BMW haha.

  11. my dads got a BMW 1100GS...not the full dakar model though. i thik he's selling it soon though and getting something a touch newer

    was the same for me, he's cruising on his "tractor" and i'm zipping along behind on the Spada.
  12. Good onya Drew hope ya get out with ya "Old man" more often, my son and I have 3 trips we never miss, the Supers, MotoGP and a weeks roadtrip around May are our yearly highlights.... plus we try to get out for a jolly through the hills or down to Arthurs when we can.

    And trust me with experience the tables will be turned and it will be your dad playing catch up..... I know I do :oops:
  13. Fantastic, Drew, riding and relationship, both by the same means, motorcyles.

    I ride a road down here a lot where the 'inspired ones' regularly use their side of the road AND mine..... It's stupid, but they don't care.
  14. great story drew. thrilled you survived unscathed and great bonding experience with your dad. may it be the first of many :)
  15. Thaks guys.. nice to see the feelings are shared among many.

    Dad's not what you'd call an :inspired: rider... more a leisurely tourer, no fast fanging with Dad..... but that suits me at the moment :)

    Never actually been to any of the bike races Nobby, and Dad's not really into motorsport much...... but i'm keen to get the Missus along once i can take her pillion.
  16. Drew -

    Sounds like a pretty good result to me. Last time I went riding with my Dad, he dropped my Ducati on the back lawn in first gear....

  17. thats so cool, riding with the old man.

    Mine got of bikes years ago after a stack and never got back on.
  18. Was that 20yrs or so ago? :p

  19. ....i cant keep up with my dad :?
    good to hear drew, and a slap on the wrist to the bloke coming the other way. he may have just been trying a little bit too hard and exceeding his ability :eek: