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Day-glo daydreams

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Gromit, Jul 14, 2006.

  1. Okay, it's Friday afternoon and my mind's wandering a little. Here's a question:

    What is it with day-glo clothing???

    Something's changed over the past year or so. Look around, and suddenly every second working bloke or blokette seems to be wearing a day-glo yellow or orange shirt, vest or jacket.

    I'm not talking about people like roadworkers or people on building sites. Just regular everyday working schmucks. I sat at some traffic lights the other day, and at least 8 trucks went past. Every single driver was wearing a day-glo shirt.

    So...what happened? I don't mean "why dress in day-glo" - the obvious reason is so you can be seen more easily. But day-glo clothing's been around for years, and this idea has hit critical mass right here over the last 12 months or thereabouts. Why? What changed all of a sudden?

    Did the Occ Health and Safety laws get altered? Did a container-ship load of yellow and orange clothing wash ashore one night? What gives?

    Like I said. Friday afternoon, and the mind wanders...
  2. O H & S

    The Nanny Society marcheth on.... :cry:
  3. OH&S i spose :?

    The other day on the bus :( there was a driver swap and the guy getting on had a "day-glo" :wink: . Meh - i wouldn't worry probably just OHS rules/crack-downs filtering through the ranks. :roll:
  4. Yep, anyone who has to work around forklifts or other moving vehicles now has to wear high-vis clothing. Of course some companies have just made it mandatory for all employees so now even office workers can be seen wearing fluoro jumpers.
  5. nah, we have all become lazy !

    Instead of wearing a day-glo vest over normal clothes.
    We are now wearing normal day-glo clothes !!

  6. Heh, cops too. Did you guys/grrls read in the paper a couple of months ago about the cop who pulled over someone for speeding and got himself a fine for not wearing his fluoro vest? Turns out the guy he pulled over was a police safety agent! Cop handed over a $150 fine, and got himself a $500 one in return! Love it. :D
  7. Yeah, I just started working at RSEA and some cutomers came in today to get the vests for their bus drivers because of the new laws, so yeah, definately that :)
  8. ROFL - I reckon "fluro vests" are just the new fashion :p
  9. Yep, everyone previous is right- new changes to the OHS legislation.
    Hi-vis, sunsmart (long sleeves & collar etc) plus a whole bunch of other stuff. :eek:
  10. The trend was started by the folks that frequent nightclubs like Hard Kandy :p
  11. hahah!..I wear a day-glo vest when riding at night.

    Must look like such a tool ... but, meh!... at least you cant miss me LOL!
  12. I think it's not just OH &S, but fear of litigation. "You should have done more to prevent me being a tool".
    Mind you, I think those flouro vests with reflective tape are great, especially on the freeway, cagers need all the help they can get to recognise a bike. Yes they look fruity, but not as fruity as tyre marks on your back.

    Regards, Andrew.
  13. I'd be hoping that eveyone and everything missed me :)