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Day dreaming

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by hienous, Dec 7, 2009.

  1. Today I took the usual run to work on the bike after dropping my kids off at the child care centre in the car. Recently, my mind has been occupied with work and I'm in the process of deciding to buy a business so my mind admittedly has been wandering alot. Its the butterflies in my stomach sometimes makes me stay up at night or get up early in the morning.

    The morning run was like any other run, not much traffic. I run through Henry Lawson Drive in the mornings in a very pleasant cruise towards padstow like I usually do. Sometimes there are slow cars that slow you down, sometimes its near empty like today. It's max 60 most of the way, but everybody goes 70 usually. There is a speed camera at the top of the hill that everybody slows down for when approaching. I acknowledge that it was coming up very soon and would usually ease off the throttle, but for some unknown reason my mind just wandered and when I was just passing through the camera I realised I was going to fast and touched the brakes in a panic (too much rear) and could hear the rear skid before I quickly released it. In the end nothing really happened. I didn't fall off, and didn't see any flash (or maybe i should wait for it in the mail?), but it made me realise how easy it is to not have your mind where it should be, even for a second. The next time, it might be kangaroo in front of me, or a big pot hole and if I was like this, I'd probably do the same thing and panic brake and go down.

    I remember the first time I got my bike I did do panic braking using too much rear brake and that caused it to fishtail for about 10 or 15 metres when again I was day dreaming and didn't realise a car in front had stopped to turn right. I promised my self never to ride with my foot anywhere near the rear brake again just in case I touch it again. I guess bad habits using the foot brake are just too hard to break (excuse the pun).

    Any one got any thoughts on how to stop themselves daydreaming? And also how to train yourself not kill yourself with the rear brake?

  2. did you have your visor up? i find the rushing breeze both cooling and focusing
  3. Try to comment aloud on everything you can see, esspecially on traffic condition and possible hazards. This should keep you awake.
    Always consentrate on what you are doing and think.
  4. Eat complex carbs, get a good night's rest and stay hydrated. That is probably the most effective way to stay alert on the bike. Solutions like coffee, or cold water or lollies are band aid solutions that will help for a bit but won't sustain you for very long whilst riding.

    As for training away the rear brake dependence, i'd say go for no brake dependence. However, if you have those moments where you need to dab the front, ride with two fingers over the lever. Whenever i'm downshifting or if I notice a hazard i'll put the two fingers over so I still have throttle control while I can also brake. The stay upright people hate this method for some reason but its never caused me any drama and provides plenty of stopping power. It will also make your front brake your first braking set up point opposed to the rear. The rear is a bastard unless its being used as a low speed control brake.

    Everytime I leave it open something decides to pop into the helmet and say hi to my eye. The other day it was a leaf, then a sand granule and then a butterfly... sadly the butterfly did not survive the encounter and the splatter across my face was none too nice.
  5. Yeah I did have visor down. Its so windy with out the visor if you 60kph or faster. That's why I hardly wear the open helmet anymore, even with sunglasses on.
    I think I just had a momentary lapse in concentration.
    I can't imagine myself thinking aloud. Maybe while moving ok, but stop at the lights and then I'll be shutting up my mouth for fear of looking like a loony that is talking to himself 8-[