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Day Care & Swingers - Cranbourne Style

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by MelbourneMick, Jun 24, 2013.

  1. http://m.theage.com.au/victoria/sex-party-at-child-centre-causes-outrage-20130624-2osrs.html

    An advertisement for a swingers party at a Cranbourne children's play centre has forced the local council to close the business and outraged parents.
    The advertisement for a party this Saturday featured pictures of sex acts and nude photographs of the centre's owners, who said they would repeat the event every month at Casey Kids Playhouse once they found six other couples.
    The notice was placed on several websites, including Craigslist, and another version showed the couple in bathers and embracing fully clothed.

    Both advertisements said the "party venue (not a home) has many features like a laser light show, fog machine, great sound system, games, a giant ball pit and a jumping castle, and an awesome time will be had by all".
    The owners said they were "very new" to the swinging scene.
    The play centre's website has been shut down, as has a Facebook page that had hundreds of comments abusing the owners. Calls to the centre were not returned.
    A post on the Facebook page on March 16 said the owners were looking forward to their first week operating the centre.
    Another website linked to the centre said the owners had five children aged under five and the play house would be geared to children of a similar age.
    Tracey, a local mother, had attended several children's parties at the play house and had booked her son's fourth birthday party there on Sunday - the day after the swingers party was set to take place.
    Fourteen children and 10 adults were booked to attend the party, and she had paid a $50 deposit.
    "I am disgusted, and all of my guests are disgusted, in the pictures," she said.
    "I heard the rumour last week but didn't do anything with it until I had proof.
    "This is so morally wrong not to mention unhygienic."
    Tracey emailed the centre to cancel her party, and was sent a response from the owners that was also posted on the Facebook page before it was closed.
    "We assure you that even though the photos are of us there is / was no intention to host any type of party of this description," the owners wrote.
    "Thank you for your understanding and support. This means a great deal to us."
    City of Casey planning manager Duncan Turner said council were investigating reports that the centre was being used for a purpose outside its planning permit.
    Mr Turner said a planning contravention notice had been issued to the operators, which prevents the use of the land for purposes outside its planning permit.
    He said failure to comply with the notice would result in an interim enforcement order being lodged through the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal.
    Children and Young People principal commissioner Bernie Geary told Radio 3AW that indoor children's play centres, which require adults to be present at all times, were not subject to the same strict regulations as child care centres.
    "It seems there are regulatory issues around indoor play centres," Mr Geary said.
    "This is just off. There's no appropriate words are there really?"
  2. surely they've been hacked. No one would be that stupid would they?

    On a different note.... Light show, jumping castle and fog machine..... AWESOME
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  3. It's Cranbourne. Yes that stupid
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  4. i don't really see anything wrong with it it's not like there inviting the kids to come watch or anything
  5. I'd say hygiene was the main issue for closing it down. It's a kids play centre, not a long day care centre. The type of place where there are kids parties and after school activities. In the same plastic ball pit where the fun and games happened the night before. Yecchh.
  6. well there proably should of shut down my school then
  7. Licence permit. I suspect places of business need a particular permit to run events of that nature, be it for profit or otherwise.

    I doubt they got 'hacked', I reckon it's legit.