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Day 1 on the road, 1st near miss!

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Mr Messy, Dec 14, 2009.

  1. Well... yeah :p.
    Before i start my lil story id like to congratulate the driver of the subaru in question, not for the near miss, but the fact that he pulled over to apologise to me for it. He even acknowledged that "i didnt even look" instead of "i didnt see you". This is regardless of the fact he was driving like a tool.

    Ok here goes...
    I got my license this a.m. :) yay for me. =D>.
    Came home and had a bit more of a play on my bike in the private roads on which i live, just generally getting myself comfortable to head out on the main highway right out the front.
    After a day of learning and a few cornering mistakes and quick lessons in the variation of road surfaces - things i discovered that you just dont notice in a car (and here i thought i knew the roads) - and 280km later i decided it was time to come home. Mainly because my ass has quit on me and i dont think itll be back for a few days. NUMB!

    On the way home i was travelling on some back roads in a country area that were 80kph limited. I was behind a car, and 2 cars were behind me, all maintaining a 2 - 3 second gap.
    I spotted a blue car in my mirrors coming around a corner behind us all so fast it ended up in the oncoming lane, and i made a mental note to keep an eye on it.
    The gap between our little convoy lessened as we approached a corner, and i decided to check the mirrors one last time before the corner as there was a good view up the road behind us.
    All i saw was blue car in it, and then i realised that he thought i was a gap between the cars and he couldnt wait until we rounded the curve. Sure enough he barged in on me, but as i had seen it coming id already moved further to the left side of the lane, and actually ended up on the hard shoulder.
    After the curve i knocked on his window and gave the poor guy a wave - think i took 10 years off his life - then moved in behind him and opened up 50 metres or so space.

    He pulled over about 1km ahead and gave me a little please follow wave, and so i did. He was apologetic (i expected an argument :D), and i just said no worries i saw you coming a mile off, and ive always been taught to leave people room to f-up. Parted company and that was that!

    An early lesson in how real the risks are for me 8-[, and hopefully a lesson he will remember too :-s.
  2. You'll do well at this I think :)
  3. That was a good effort to avoid an accident and well done on your very first day on the road! (as if that in itself isnt stressful enough)
  4. Yeah!.. it pays to keep an eye on what's happening behind! Not so sure I would have pulled over tho!... Ya never know with some people.

    The joys of riding!!.... :wink:

    ...(you could have ended up "Mr even more messy!!!") .... lol
  5. Sigh... and today the bike is back in the shop with a radiator leak. Lucky i talked them into 30 days warranty (they werent obliged), i know radiators for bikes are about the most expensive thing there is to replace :p.