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Day 1 learner

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Bill M, Feb 12, 2013.

  1. Hi Netriders!

    37 and figured I'd better get the mid-life crisis rolling. Got my L's a month ago birthday present to myself :p and bought my first bike today! 2003 BMW F650CS Scarver.

    I'm not a small bloke, so the bigger engine made sense, but the GS models I'd been looking at were a bit too intimidating for a day 1 learner. The CS came up at the right price, so today the cash went down - but don't get it until Thursday.

    Like others have written, I plan on some empty car parks and industrial estates on the weekend, and looking forward to the day I can ride comfortably on any road.

    Hope to attend some rides when the time is right.
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  2. Welcome to you

    Make sure you nip down to Saturday morning practice to meet some folk and do done practice. Always someone to ride in with if your not too sure.
    Which side of Melbourne are us from?
  3. Welcome to NR.

    Congrats on the license & bike purchase. When you're ready, come down to the the Saturday practice at Elwood.

    All the best.
  4. Thanks for the welcome!

    I'll be sure to make it to a practice soon - but not this soon :p I think I'll be doing laps of the local before I head down Beach Road, even though it's only a suburb or three away.

    Thanks again.
  5. Hey Bill,
    You can always post in the Saturday morning thread whereabouts you are heading in from and you will find there is usually someone nearby who is happy to escort / shadow you in to Elwood.
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  6. Hi and welcome.

    +1 on Sat practice, but for sure do some riding around the block and your local streets first. If you can find a close car park, even better.

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  7. Thanks MelbMick. Will definitely take up that awesome offer, but for now, I think I will spend most of the weekend just looking at it, reminding myself how the thing works, and reading the user manual :p

    I've wanted to do this for so long, that taking small first steps wont hurt.

    But next week - for sure!
  8. Do that. Also, get on it, with the stand down and the stand up. Get used to where the indicators and horn are so you don't have to look for them. Put your feet up on the pegs, get used to putting your left foot down on the ground and putting it on the peg again. Use the foot brake. Use the hand brake and clutch. Start the bike, put it in first, and just release the clutch enough to feel the takeoff point, then pull the clutch in. Do it over until it becomes second nature. You'll soon feel confident enough to do a quiet street.

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  9. Excellent advice, and pretty much exactly what I have in mind. Cheers all.