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Davo's rides

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Davo, Dec 28, 2005.

  1. I won't bore you with the ride reports just the link to where they are, well the bigger ones at least.

  2. Nice photos - I'm envious I can't yet get such a bike and do such a trip.

    But I've one question: the second last photo in the 'Coffs Capers Nov 2005' series of photos...was that you drunk with your head on the instrument panel?
  3. 1. Lives on the Sunshine Coast
    2. Rides a classic RT BMW
    3. Don't you hate him? :LOL:

    Great pics, Dave, thanks
  4. Thats my jacket, oh to be so thin :LOL: I lay my jacket over the instruments and usually hang it on the screen to cover my UHF and Mobile.
  5. Paul I can see the confusion, the domain name is gtr-aus, the link you clicked on to view the bike pics is called "Davo's GTR1000" and you think its a BMW :shock:

    I am founder and owner of the Australian Kawasaki GTR1000 group called GTR-AUS. We currently have 100 members and still finding more owners each month. They had a model run from 1986 (A1) to 2004 with only one real change in 1993. 1986 - 1993 are the same and 1994 - 2004 are the same just different colours. If you get to ride near one do not underestimate them, if the rider is capable they will certainly give most bike a good run for the money.
  6. Dave my apologies, I shouldn't look at the 'Net without my reading classes.

    I have a dear friend in Goulburn who has his SECOND GTR in his garage. His first is long gone in a major shunt, with nearly 250,000 kms, and the current one is off the road with some accident damage, also with around 220,000 kms on the clock. Up until recently he has been riding from Goulburn to his job in Canberra and back!

    If he gets another bike after fixing GTR 2 and selling it, guess which bike he's going to buy???
  7. A BMX ? :grin:

    Mines just about to go 128,000k and I head to Freo mid January from Brisbane, back to Sydney and down to the 'Gong before heading for home here near Noosa where I live. I will be away about 10 days.
  8. Just thinking on that, something lots of net users don't seem to know. If the text is too small just hold down the Ctrl key (lower left side) and hit the + key a few times.
  9. Well if you're passing through the 'Gong, there's a bed and a meal here if you want. At least give me a call and I can shout you a great coffee......
  10. Very much appreciated mate, I PM'd you. I am fine for bed and stuff but always happy to meet with fellow riders.
  11. Paul,

    I didn't get to the gong, pulled out on the return trip due to the exessive heat, 47+ for many hours and a peak of 49.5C across the Nullabor last saturday, followed by steady 45+ on Sunday. Got to Balranald at 2.14pm and had to end the ride as the next leg was over the Hay plains with truckies telling me it would be 50-55C.

    For anyone interested my wife and daughter did updates on the ride over and the return here.


    Two topics, Bris - Freo and Freo to Sydney
  12. And I thought a little jaunt home from Jindabyne on Sunday in 39 degrees was tough :shock:
  13. Hey Davo, great report
    While the Hornet is getting fixed (accident last Monday) my friend in Goulburn has offered me a loan of his GTR. I'm just wondering if it might be a bit too much for just riding around, after reading your report! :LOL: