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Davo in latest AMCN

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by hornet, Nov 25, 2007.

  1. Careful readers of the latest AMCN will have spotted the great article about Davo, our resident long-distance expert. I must say I'd love to do what he does, but I have neither the time nor the machinery.

  2. Paul, what you need to do is trade up to a GTR.......... :grin:
  3. Paul, I think your hornet could face the challenge. I know the ZZR600 I ride is.

    But if you think that the AMCN article is good...get the next issue of ARR,
  4. Props to Davo, and the journalist, that's good stuff. I'd love to,
    I even have the GTR1000. As usual, time and money get in the way.

    But that's not what magazine articles are for. The majority of magazine
    articles are about inspiring the daydream, getting your head away from
    work or home for 5 minutes. Think about how many bike reviews
    you've read and imagined riding, then think about how many of those
    bikes you've actually bought or test ridden. Not as many...

    Props to AMCN for running an article different from the usual
    new bike reviews and racebike tests.
  5. My best is 1228 kms in 20 hours, and that just happened, it sure wasn't planned.

    I agree about the article; I'd much rather read that than a micro-examination on the hows or whys of the latest race-replica.
  6. Well done Davo :cool:
  7. Thanks Paul for the topic and everyone for comments. I have led a fortunate life, or does fortune favour the brave :roll:

    Never be afraid of going against the grain sometimes, it may be the best days of your life.

    btw I will be at the Mudgee Toy Run 8th December if anyone is in the area.

    Waving the Kawasaki flag before riding Roku (the same bike I rode across Australia and back in August, see Dec issue Australian Road Rider mag) before heading back to Qld with it and then leave for Perth on the 13th Dec, arriving at Mack1 Kawa 10:30am Sat 15th Dec.

    Advert over :LOL: :LOL:

    Thanks for the comments on the story, good to hear readers like this type of stuff.
    ps Paul I was going to pm you about the story but it seems I have pm access switched off :(
  8. flicked over the article mate, 2700kms in 24 hours :shock:
    did you have a cathodar hooked up or something :LOL: :wink:
  9. What the?? The average speed is over 100 km per hour, not taking in the rest/refuel stops? I tip my hat to yer :cool:
  10. Who edited the title of this thread, and why???

    {I only want to know so I can return the discourtesy some day :evil:}
  11. Me! Would you have preferred I remove it? :p
    Read the T&C's related to subject line's for the why.
  12. This???

    jeez, how many people on the forum don't know Davo???
  13. Hoho...a bit of spell-checking would be even more valuable, not only in your posts but in the myriad of thread titles which are just wrong...

    "line's" does not own anything, so just dump the apostrophe :)

    Take care ;-)

    Trevor G

  14. I don't and I've been part of netrider since its inception.
  15. Thanks Jason.

    Its a 119k avg. It was Darwin to Port Augusta, done 30th April. 130kph limit in NT so no speeding. They asked for an interview, I did it, I am happy with the result. I run 40litres of fuel, I have a 500-600k fuel range. Its just basic math and consistent pace.
  16. do yourself a favour and take your own advice, line's would be "line is" where as line' os for ownership

    talk about the pot calling the kettle black

    nice work davo, that is massive :cool:
  17. No, that's not right either. Jason should have just used lines as the plural of one line.

    Depending on the context of the sentence, line's can be possessive, as in 'the line's characteristic was dark and heavy', or a shortening of 'line is' as in 'the line's over there, matey'.
  18. Thanks freak.

    Better go back and reread what you wroye. ;-)

    I couldn't make sense of any of it...


    Trevor G

    PS Try to spot the deliberate mistake...
  19. Hey Davo, I didn't realise that you were a netrider when I read the article in AMCN last week. It's a great story and I was really impressed by what you do. Top effort :)
  20. I read the article and enjoyed and the tips on how you do these sorts trips .
    it's just insane the kms you cover . :shock: