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Davo has gone down in the USA Ironbutt rally 2009 *RIP*

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Pink Angel, Sep 5, 2009.

  1. I know there are a lot of people here who know Davo from farriders.
    I am also aware that sharing accidents are frowned upon here, but Davo is not expected to survive this accident and I am sure there are lots here who would want to know.

  2. Ts&Cs aside, that is just awful news. I've talked to Davo a few times on the phone and feel like I know him, even though I've never met him.....
  3. Lovely guy, that's tragic news. So close to the finish line, too. :(
  4. Bloody awful.
  5. So sad to read about this

    Davo had been planning this for years.....his dream.

    This was one of his last posts on Ulysses Forum....something he did before the actual Iron Butt Ride......

    Correct, I rode a IBA 50CC Gold.

    A repost from another forum.

    Thanks to everyone who followed this and to those who posted. After doing this in Australia back in 2006 I know how good it is to go back and read the comments later.

    I am feeling good, here are some stats.

    2006 - Australia 4430 klms Brisbane to Fremantle 45hrs 22mins including a 2hr sleep at Ceduna. First ever IBA 50CC Gold in Australia

    2009 - USA 4891 klms Seaside OR to Ilse of Palms SC 46hrs 52mins including a 3 hrs sleep at Lincoln Nebraska

    This is given only to show you the difference in riding in Australia with the max legal speed limit of 110kph and single lane roads to the US with 75mph limits much of the way and 2 lane interstate 99% of the way.

    Its still a tough ride but compared to Australia its much easier, well for me it was. To anyone not familiar with my rides don't try this without a lot of experience. I have no pains and feel fine. I just had 8hrs sleep and will get at least that over the next 4 nights leading up to the REAL ride I came here for. This was just a bonus. Had I not felt good and it was going to mess up my real ride I would have pulled out on this ride across.

    Once the ride is certified I will be the 1st in the world to have a 50CC Gold in both continents. Approx 71 have done this or close distance in the US (1000+ have done the shorter distance across the bottom where its about 4000klms or 2400miles) for a 50CC Gold but no one has done both. Before now.

    Thoughts are prayers are with Davo and his family at this time
  6. Ahh that is shit news.

    I'd met and spoken to Dave many times.

    Last time I saw him I was complaining about the blisters on my palms from the heated grips 2 icicle rides ago.

    Then the man is awarded for coming to the icicle ride from Brisbane and riding the long way via South Australia.

    It made my sooking about my blisters rather insignificant.

    Lets hope that the worst is an incorrect evaluation :(
  7. Terible news.

    I chatted to Davo after last years Icicle Ride. And have read his comments, stories riding tips both here on Netrider forums and in motorcycle magazines.

    My thoughts go out to him and hope that the early reports are proved incrorrect.
  8. not something i wanted to hear :cry:
    havent met Davo, but was hoping to sometime in the future, looking forward to attending some FarRides/meets.
    i hope he gets through this
  9. Only know him from online here but always find what he says worth paying attention to. Sorry to hear!
  10. I've read features on Dave in magazines and came away impressed at his endurance and obvious love of being in the saddle. I'll add my prayer to the others that he pulls through.
  11. fcuk me.

    Only talked to him once, but here's hoping the prognosis is incorrect. :(, he's known all over Australia...

    Edit: quick google search

    "From the FJR site:
    Davo Update:
    Allow me to update y'all on what we know (and don't know) regarding Davo's deerstrike.
    Lisa Landry received the initial phone call from local police at the scene of the crash. They informed Lisa that Davo was not wearing his helmet when he hit the deer.
    Lisa immediately challenged the officer, insisting that there is no way on earth this rider would NOT have his helmet on while operating the bike. They went back and forth several times until Lisa was convinced that the officer was not misinformed. The police said the helmet was still strapped to the back of the bike when they came upon the accident. Other riders who came upon the scene corroborated the story, saying they saw helmet on the back of the bike as well.
    If this is true, we are having a very difficult time understanding why Davo did not have his helmet on when the deerstrike occurred. We understand him to be a stalwart believer in ATGATT, and he is obviously well aware of the requirement to wear your helmet during the rally (even if riding in a "free" state like Idaho). Not having his helmet on while riding is COMPLETELY inconsistent with what we know about Davo. 
    As of this moment, we do not have any amplifying information to provide you. We understand that Davo was transferred to Kootenay Medical Center by air ambulance and taken into surgery right away for his head injuries, but that is all we know at this time. We all should put our thoughts into Davo's speedy recovery and our thoughts go out to his wife, family and friends at this time.
    Shortly we will be setting up an email address where you can send your good wishes to Davo and his family. "
    Thread on farriders.


    Word around is he's not likely to survive the night. Hope it's wrong.

    ....EDIT... - From Farriders.

    Davo - The man, The legend!


    It is with the heaviest heart and with many tears in my eyes as I type this from Davo's computer, but we just received the phone call that no one wants to receive. The nurse just called to inform us that Davo has just passed away. As I sit here at his desk, I look around and I see items and photo's that Davo treasured. There are photo's of him and Wil together, photo's of the kids, and his "GO FAR" number plate surrounded by his Iron Butt Association plate cover and his numerous IBA certificates that demonstrate his love and passion for distance riding.

    Throughout today, I have fielded many, many phone calls from people from both here in Australia and overseas all relating small stories of how Davo enthused, motivated and/or encouraged them beyond what they thought they were capable of. And this typifies the type of guy he was. He was always so energetic and full of life. It is a crying shame to see it cut short - although if Davo had a choice, we all know he wouldn't have it any other way. He was living life to full and doing what he enjoyed. While we all are going to deal with this in different ways, Davo would always want us to adopt his attitude and look on the bright side. He would want us to remember the fun times and fond memories that each of us have with him.

    On behalf of everyone sitting here in the room with me as I type this, a massive thank you for the support that you guys have out poured so far. It is very much appreciated. I will come back on here when we have more news about the arrangements that I am sure a lot of people will want info on.


    Edit 2-

    I was in that much of a rush to post the new info as it came to hand, I neglected to say.

    RIP Davo, still remember that Icicle ride 2008, Was good you got the iron butt award over Spots. :p
  12. Condolences to all his loved ones. Horrible news.
  13. Damn, that's terrible. Condolences to all concerned. Australian motorcycling has lost one of its shining stars.
  14. Not sure what to say.
    He was a bloody legend.
  15. I'll miss his writing.

  16. knowing he was injured isn't the same as knowing he's dead :(
  17. So sad!

    From the homepage of his website:

    "we are all destined to die, some choose to live while alive"
  18. So long, Davo, you made this country feel a lot smaller. :(
  19. Terrible news, RIP :(