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David Hasselhoff - Dont Hassel the Hoff.

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by 92_Ducati_900_SS, May 16, 2007.

  1. Hell yeah he is!

  2. OMG! absolutely!

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  3. My life is meanigless without the Hoff!

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  4. YES! YES! YES!

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  1. I felt compelled to start this after a female forum member made comments with largely negative overtones about David Hasselhoff. This just will not do. Lies! LIES, I tell you!

    In this thread you will learn about the amazing man that is David Hasselhoff.

    The reason you are tought this is so that you, as a person, will have new meaning in your lives.

    By the end of this thread you will have gained a greater apreciation of the Hoff and be able to add to this thread your own proof of how great the Hoff is.

    New David Hasselhoff info and multimedia will be continualy updated here.
    I bid you all his blessings.
  2. #3 92_Ducati_900_SS, May 16, 2007
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    Lesson #2
    How can any woman not fall head over heels for him, just look!

    And red.hot if your still not convinced, this is for you.
  3. Paul you need some serious counselling! Chuck would kick his arse! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :eek:hno: :eek:hno:
  4. 2187_image.

    ZOMG, Luv him :cool:
  5. Chuck Norris would have to get past the Hoff's Arfo first!

    Hoff 1
    Chuck 0
  6. #7 Bogus69, May 16, 2007
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  7. #8 92_Ducati_900_SS, May 16, 2007
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    Yes....errr...he was looking in a mirror at the time. mezmorised by his own reflection.

    Yes, just like all real men do after a good night on the town.
    The god shows his human side.
  8. hoff..


    catering to the low rider crowd...
  9. paul paul paul......

    :bolt: :bolt: :bolt:
  10. Look what ive started!
  11. The Hoff as he cruises towards you to fondle your fishing tackle

  12. The Hoff as Pope

  13. What was I thinking

  14. #17 Justus, May 17, 2007
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    Heres my contribution of how great The Hoff is. bow_down2.


    The shocking David Hasselhoff drunk video that was reportedly taped by his
    daughter has now cost the actor dearly. David Hasselhoff has had visitation rights
    to his children suspended after one of them filmed him drunk. Hasselhoff is allowed
    to have telephone contact only.

    On May 21, the judge will hold a hearing on the videotape and how it will affect
    Hasselhoff's long-term visitation rights. The judge also ordered that Hasselhoff,
    his ex-wife Pamela Bach-Hasselhoff and their kids meet with a psychologist prior
    to the May 21st hearing. The psychologist has the power to adjust the judge's
    order after meeting with the fractured family.

    According to Entertainment Tonight, David's ex-wife Pamela Bach, recently hired
    attorney Debra Opri - who until recently represented Larry Birkhead, the biological
    father of Anna Nicole Smith's daughter, Dannielynn. Both women were in Los Angeles
    County court last week for a hearing related to the ongoing custody battle involving
    David and Pamela's two daughters, Taylor and Haley.

    In the video, Taylor pleads with her father to change his ways. "Why do you like doing
    this to yourself?"
    she asks him."'Cause I'm lonely," he tells her. "I don't have my children
    in my life."

    But Taylor tells him that's not true. "You have me, you have Haley," she says, referring
    to her sister and his youngest daughter. "Do you like people taking care of you? You're
    sitting on the floor eating."

    Also in the video, Taylor begs her father to stop drinking, saying, "Dad, look what this
    is doing to you. You have to stop drinking alcohol, promise me you won't drink anymore."

    piss. THE HOFF
  15. #18 92_Ducati_900_SS, May 18, 2007
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    Lesson #3

    Your Daily Dose of David!!!


    I can get enough of this!

    "...there's an illegal shipment of hair mouse down at the docks..."

    "Super Velocity mode!"
    (I swear Del's bike has that button on it!)
  16. lol, i was thinking u where saying my bike was fast... but alas... a snail in pace!