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Dave's first off

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Diegesis, Jul 16, 2008.

  1. Well guys, I'm typing this after having a bit of a spill this morning. Coming along Dalton Road at about 70km/h and hit a bit of slippery road under hard brakes, front slid right out and had enough time to think "oh shi-" before my face hit the pavement. (funnily enough I saw two cars slide on the same patch of road while waiting for a pickup).

    Damage Report.

    Bike: Broken Screen, Broken RH mirror, Broken Front Fairing, Cracked RH Upper Fairing, Broken Brake Lever, Broken RH Bar end, Broken RH Footpeg, Broken Rear RH Indicator, Dented Muffler, Deep gouges along Engine Cover.

    Me: Grazing along left hand and knee, Deep grazing along right knee, Soft tissue damage to right hand, Some bruising.

    Gear took a bit of a beating but only the gloves and the helmet need to be binned. Jacket on the other hand, let's just say that Ixon's made a lifetime customer, no damage to my torso or arms whatsoever and only some slight scrapes on the outer of the jacket.

    Bike can be easily fixed over a weekend or two (plenty of binned CBR250RRRRRRRRRRs around). so no hassles there.

    *EDIT* - Found transport to get the bike home :)

    Thanks for listening.

  2. Mate that sucks about the bike but obviously the main thing is you're ok, save a few scratches and scrapes.

    Good thing you had all the protective gear on, looks like it did it's job.

    Did anyone stop to help?
  3. no one stopped to help, had to wrestle the bugger upright by myself with a busted hand. :evil:

    After all was said and done and waiting on the side of the road though I had a rider slow down and give me the "are you okay?" look. I just smiled, shrugged and gave him the "I'm an idiot" look. :LOL:
  4. Hey Diegesis,
    Glad to hear you’re okay. :grin: 70KmH is about 45Mph in the old money and to walk away from that virtually injury-free is alright in my book. If you feel up to it my morbid curiosity wouldn’t mind seeing a fotie of the damage your protective gear has sustained.

    I’ve got a suggestion as well, and with your literary name and “I’m an idiot look†philosophy :LOL: it might appeal to you. Write up all the events leading to the crash and see what involvement you played in the crash. This is not for Netrider, merely for yourself :wink: . The angle is this: if you believe that it was the fault of the slippery stuff or someone else or whatever then you’ll pick up little from this experience other than tea and sympathy. If, however, you take full responsibility (rightly or wrongly) then you may walk away with some invaluable lessons. I'm aware that my thoughts do not gel well with the mode du jour.
  5. Join the crew...

    Glad to hear your ok!

    I too had my first off (and I am a learner newb!) a few weeks back - I don't actually remember the accident as such, though best I can make out is I took a corner a bit wide, front wheel dropped off one level of road surface, to a lower one (rd had been resurfaced a few tiems) right near the gutter, so line was butched up (which was already bad) so I suppose I panicked to a degree as I was inches off the gutter - touched the front brake, bike stood up, had time to think "oh, here we go".. next thing I know I was waking up to the sound of a Police officer asking me if I am ok....

    Bike - is a total loss. New one on the way. All my gear minus my boots was cut off me and I bought replacements yesterday.

    Me - I have a couple fractured vertebrae which will be healed up in a week or so more, suspected broken left pinky (didn;t get xrayed as it did not appear to be damaged directly after) and my entire right hand was bruised but is now normal but a bit tender.

    My Dainese jacket has some lovely grazes right up the front of it, my Arai helmet is scraped from the top of the crown, down accross the visor and my Draggins are dirty but not damaged from the accident... but all that was cut off me at the scene before being loaded onto a back board etc...

    Don't care that it has cost me money and that the bike and gear were buggered... jsut happy I am over all ok, have learned from the experience and am seeking further understanding of what went wrong / practice and can't wait to get on my replacement bike (of same make and model) - sounds like you are of the same opinion, which I think is the main thing!? :)

    How long had you been riding for?
  6. Ride

    Get well and get back on your bike soon.

    I had a off few weeks ago for going too slow (cold tyres) and lost my front. Lucky escapes makes a better rider.

    Take care.
  7. Check out the stiching on your jacket, on mine some of it was broken in the process of sliding and had to be restiched. Glad to hear you are ok, hope you heal up well, the bruises will show up alot more in a few days.
  8. What a bugger!
    Glad to hear your ok and no major damage to yourself!
    Hope your back in the saddle soon.

    Cheers Phillip.
  9. Re: Ride

    I agree with you nwise on the proviso that one undergoes some personal reflection and learns something from the event. Without this proviso then motorcyclists typically take greater risks after a crash as they subconsciously or consciously perceive increased invulnerability. Alternatively, they make no changes to their behaviour. I have secondary referenced some supporting literature below for your interest:

    ..."Lin et al. (2003) showed that young motorcyclists with crash experience had higher risk-taking levels during the study period than those without previous crash experience. It seems that motorcyclists who perceive a higher risk after experiencing a crash do not adopt precautionary behaviour or do not reduce their risktaking levels. This finding is consistent with the results for all motor-vehicle crashes (Begg et al., 1999; Slap et al., 1991)"...p10
    Huang, B. and Preston, J (2004) A Literature Review on Motorcycle Collisions, Transport Studies Unit, Oxford University

    Sorry dudes, did not mean to "necro-post to the maxxtreme". :(
  10. That's gotta suck :cry:
    Glad you didn't get hurt bad.
    Hope you are back on 2 wheels soon
  11. poor bugger!!

    Still it's hgood to hear that you are reasonable spirits considering.
    Hope you are back in the seat soon.

    Good luck

  12. I'm concerned at the 'grazing' on your knees; I guess you weren't wearing protective trousers, just jeans???

    Good to hear that your helmet (and therefore your head) handled being smacked on the ground.
  13. Sorry to hear Dave, Glad you are OK. I come along Dalton rd nearly every morning in the cage usually only from the Ring rd exit to Keon Pde. Was it up that end?
  14. First off you say.... well I hope it's your last! And you too Samhain - dude! Vertabrae :shock:

    Commiserations on both your prangs.

    Diegesis, why were you heavily on the brakes?
  15. Bad news both of you.

    Whereabouts on Dalton Rd? My mrs rides her bike along there every day. Maybe it was a diesel dump from some overfilled tank?
  16. Bad news there, but any crash you walk (or hobble) away from is a good one.
    Well, as far as a crash can be good...think I need more coffee
  17. Thanks mate - now if only I could find somewhere big open and flat (and even better an experienced buddy) to help me practice speed turning!!! Bought my replacement gear today ($$ ouch) and new bike due next week! :)

    Diegesis - sorry for the partial hijack of your thread... hope ur back to %100 real quick!
  18. Re: Ride

    Diegesis, that sounds like a lucky escape and a bit of bad luck on a slippery road. I hope all is well.

    Can you explain please? I don't understand how to have an off for going too slow unless it's leaning too far for the speed.
  19. Okay, update time.

    Bikes back safe and I stripped it down to the frame last night. Time to start tweaking and replacing bits. :grin:

    Looks like this thread is now being shared by Samhain and I :LOL:. Don't worry about the hijack, I was taught to share. Dude, That's sounds a lot worse compared to what I got off with. I hope everything goes smoothly and you're back on two wheels soon.

    DeeCubed: Consider your curiosity satisfied, I'll post some pics when I get home. I've had a bit of time to reflect on exactly what happened. In retrospect I probably could have saved it, as a new rider I panicked when the wheel slid and didn't let go of the brakes. Live and learn. :roll:I hope with this new perspective I don't have a repeat of current events.

    Hornet: Yes sir, regular jeans :oops: silly, I know. I got lucky this time.

    Robslavv: Under heavy brakes due to cage in front braking hard for no apparent reason.

    Jeimbo & cjvfr: About 100-150 metres before the bypass, southbound, left lane.

    Sorry for the big post. Just thought I'd get everything sorted in one. :)