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Daughter wants to ride speedway, where to start?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by _joel_, Sep 23, 2007.

  1. learned folks, input required.
    my daughter, who has outstanding balance, and prowess at pretty much any skill-demanding task has decided she would like to race motorbikes.
    she is 7 years old, knows everything and under average size for a seven year old.
    my first response, as a very concerned father was...."sweeeeeeet, whaddya want? a cr250 or what?" but then of course that wouldhave been purely so i could teach her by letting her watch :LOL:
    i learned the art of dirt on an XT500, no shit, it was my first bike and that was at the age of 10 or maybe even eleven. i couldnt start the fkn thing if it stopped mid ride because my weight was not sufficient to crank the engine over even with the decompression lever pulled.

    so, the question is, what is a good choice for her to start out on? what way would you attack it? and who is the body or organisation that i talk to about specs for speedway practice for her (and inevitably me, she needs someone to instruct her, and that can only be done via an exc625 right? :grin: )
    she rides the 250 4x4 arctic cat at the farm, and has even had a go of the honda ag125 so i have no doubts as to her ability to ride and remain upright. she has the competitive nature required and really, i have faith that she would enjoy it thoroughly even if she was 5 minutes behind the pack every time.
    advice happily received :)

  2. There was an open pit at the last speedway meet I went to and quite a few parents with young kids riding. I reckon that'd be your best bet.

    Be warned even the little'ns don't mess around. They had some good pace. :grin:

    What about another similar form of racing where she will learn to go right as well? Grass track, long track? I think I might have the names confused. :?
  3. I dunno.... But you should be very proud!
  4. she loves the speedway, and we have a bit of family history/success in speedway so its natural for her to want to do it. going in circles would be the best start i reckon, then she can go nuts and jump & stuff :LOL:
    im more looking at what type of bike?
  5. Hellz yeah! Let us know when her first race is :).

    Also I'd be able to test ride any bike your thinking of for her, I'd be about her size.
  6. Joel, the fella up the rd from my folks was once right in to speedway, even went to the UK and raced against the likes of Jason Crump if i remember correctly. I will see if i can get in touch with him and i would say he could steer you in the right direction. Will try and find out this week mate.

    I remember this guy as a youngen, he had a coach who had this bike that was nick named The Pig, cause it would pig root everyone off the thing with the amount of grunt it had. Not this kid though, he blew the thing up.. :twisted:
  7. for reference, here is a snap of butthead herself. she has piloted the blade in first with me behind her :shock:
  8. Well, if she's going to race speedway, you first need to get her acclimatised to half-cold pies, because that's about all speedway riders have time to eat between races :LOL:.
  9. wouldnt you be better off with just general motorcross stuff first?

    is she past the peewee stage, 50's and 80's? i remember when i was 7-8 i raced a kawasaki kx60, maybe something similar?
  10. Hope you can afford to go private to get her the essential terrorectomy :LOL: .

    Can't offer any practical help, but the very best of luck to you both.
  11. she has no fear, trust me. i would be the one needing the op! :LOL:
  12. :rofl:

    Seriously, Private health insurance is a must as she will be injured at some stage (stats don't lie) and I'm pretty sure MA has a blanket rule that all licence holders must have full direct Ambulance cover (not through union or health insurance schemes) as the cost of a trip from most tracks to a major hospital is huge, especially if a helicopter is involved.
  13. only the best for my piglets, already covered!
  14. id suggest starting her on a smallish dirt bike, to get her used to dirt. Then get serious about speedway. My old man was a speedway machine. VERY VERY good infact, raced with the best. My uncles brother is valintino rossi's suspension man, and they all reckon dirt is the right way to start. Speedway is a progression.
  15. There wouldnt be too much call for 7 year old junior speedway, however there would be plenty of junior motorcross.

    You could also look at minimoto and see if she can slide them sideways :D
  16. Dirt before minimoto as well.
  17. sapphire speedway is huge andrew! heaps of kids, all ages, 30+ per class. thanks to some helpful NR's ;)
  18. Cool,

    I didnt think they'd go below about 13 due to public liability but thats great to hear.

    I guess I forget that you're pretty much in the home of speedway there..... I'm too used to the Melbourne bike scene where speedway was small but mx was big.