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N/A | National Date of offense to ticket arriving?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by smileedude, Jan 18, 2012.

  1. Most of us have been there. A flash goes off, you look at your speedo, it seems OK, was it me? Was it the car next to me? Riding through a tunnel of ambiguous camera location, notice the speedo has crept up, oops did I get caught? Crap, I just sped past a camera, no flash, did it get me?

    We all know the stories. So how long do you wait before you can breath again?

    Anyone who has received a ticket in the mail, please reply with;
    How long between the offense and the ticket arriving.
    What state are you in.
    What the offense was.

    Hopefully we can work out the max and average time for each state.

    Sorry mods, I'm sure this would have been done before, but it is a pain of the ass thing to search for and I couldn't find anything, nor have I seen anything like this since being on NR.
  2. How long: 15 days (12 business days)
    What state are you in: Vic
    What the offense was: Exceed speed limit in a vehicle other than a heavy vehicle by less than 10km/hr

    Other trivia: $7.50 if I wanna see the photo (or free if I go to CC and wait in a line for a million hours)
  3. They charge you a fee to see the evidence? :-s *WOW*
  4. In NSW, you can view the photo online for free. If you want a copy sent to you, they charge $10.
  5. Welcome to Victoria.

  6. Wokwon, it seems like you're the only netrider to ever get caught by a camera.
  7. Because I'm not co-ordinated or flexible enough to block the numberplate with my foot.

    I of course, died immediately upon exceeding the speed limit, as we all know it's unsafe. So they sent a fine to a corpse. Hopefully my estate will pay the bill.
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  8. Takes about 3-4 weeks. Generally the rule of thumb for these things is two days after you think you've got away with it ;(
  9. I got my first speeding fine in the mail today:
    Date of alleged offence 2 Feb 2012 - Arrived in the mailbox 16 Feb
    Offence: Exceeded Speed Limit
  10. Exceed speed limit by 10-15. $244 these days for that. 6 business days - so they are quite efficient. Time to take my rectal medication.... Will go and have a viewing and see if there is any potential that it is wrong - but meh
  11. Up to 12 months from the date of the offence.

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    Got booked on christmas eve, 10 - 15 over, ticket didn't come until end of jan.