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Datadot technology??

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by generalyuehfei, May 15, 2006.

  1. * Honda Motor Company using DataDot Honda Motor Company using DataDot labels for authentication of components labels for authentication of components and parts / accessories and parts / accessories
    * Considering expansion of DataDot Considering expansion of DataDot
    program to Honda Motorcycles

    Considering the number of R1's posted as stolen lately, maybe Yamaha should do the same???

    Even comes in a 500ml spray paint can
    * Pressure Pak will open significant market segments in vehicle aftermarket, segments in vehicle aftermarket, motorcycles, marine, utility, home and motorcycles, marine, utility, home and office assets office assets

    That's all I know about the actual product although I am told they are a +70c share on the ASX in the future. :wink:

  2. DDT is their stock code, and I bought a bunch of them at 25c a little over 6 months ago.

    They actually trade at around 50 cents.

    It's a spray paint that has the vehicle ID numbers that goes over everything, all parts. Almost impossible to remove.

    ID then shows up under a UV light.

    Means you can't even farm out the parts of a stolen vehicle.

    A lot of car companies are using them now.
  3. The bike is sprayed with them, hopefully this will discourage theives
  4. My car has DataDots on it !
    Even the spare wheel is coated with it. Simple things like the glovebox even has it.

    Notice that the numbers of WRX owners in Sydney don't have underbody neons anymore ! . . . The datadots appear under the fullysic purple lights, therefore not making it fullysic anymore ! :eek: :grin:
  5. Haven't they been coating Harleys with these things for a while now? Had a look at a new softail today and it had the little "Data Dot" sticker on the swingarm.

    If it works, great!
  6. doesn't the blinding bright chrome make it hard to see the dots?
  7. Nah it was one of the "Nightrains". Black, very black. Not a bad look really.