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DataDot pricing

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ryangus, Jun 21, 2012.

  1. Can anyone give some logical reason why DataDots cost $27.95 for a bicycle, and $199 for a motorcycle? Surely you wouldn't need that much more paint, and the cost difference to the supplier is negligible.

    What's stopping me from purchasing a bicycle kit and using it on my motorcycle?

    Sorry to sound like a tight-arse, but I'm struggling to justify the pricing.

  2. Where did you get the idea that pricing is related to cost?

    Just don't get it. Its a rip anyway.
  3. Unless you want to or are forced to compete on price, you price a product based on what the market can bear. They will charge what they can for it, for as long as people are willing to pay. If people are unwilling to pay, then either the price goes down or a cheaper competitor moves in (or both).

    Bear in mind also that some products take considerable up front investment just to get the first one built. You won't recoup that investment if you try and charge the first 1000 customers $1000 for it but you might if you price your product at a level that the target market can afford.

    Also, what are they selling? Is it a paint dot? Or is it a solution to being able to track down your possession if it gets nicked?

    $20 is 4% of a $500 bicycle
    $200 is 4% of a $5,000 motorcycle
    $2,000 is 4% of a $50,000 car (no idea if they do this or not?)

    Seems like reasonable stepped pricing based on asset value. And if your bike is worth $15K then the cost is under 2% of the value of the asset...

    Ultimately it is the retailers job to sell you on the value of their product or proposition. Clearly they've failed to convince you in this case, and they'll lose a potential sale out of it by the sounds.
  4. I'd imagine that the company gets pinged almost never from authorities regarding bikes (i can't imagine many people register or report them) and bikes regularly cause them to have to report to the authorities. Part of the cost is supporting your datadots for a long time.
  5. ...... because MOTORbikes get stolen more often than PUSHbikes, perhaps?????
  6. I'm not convinced of ANY benefit of datadots, given that many stolen bikes and cars will simply end up in containers to China etc.
  7. Automotive security isn't complete security. It's added security. If you want complete assurances that your bike won't get stolen then don't own one. It's the only way to be sure.

    If my datadot sticker dissuades one single person from flogging my bike, it's done its job, and saved me $600 in excess fees to my insurance company.
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    I think you may be surprised just how common push bike theft is.

  9. Interestingly, I'm thinking the old DataDots sticker from my outboard engine might serve as much a deterrent as the dots!

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  10. +1 X many

    I've had numerous (expensive) push bikes stolen over the years from many places..
    -Locked storage...

    If they want it - they'll get it