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Datadot DIY kits. Opinions and application.

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Avoidable, Nov 24, 2008.

  1. Hey Guys,

    So I picked up the new bike on Saturday, it came with a DIY datadot kit for free. :)

    The kit contains a small jar with an the dots suspended in an adhesive. The idea being that you use the supplied applicator thing to brush them on to the bike.

    I've applied some patches, underside of the swingarm, under the exhaust heat shield, multiple points on the frame, steering damper etc. I still have heaps of the adhesive and dot mix though.

    Has anyone else used this stuff? I'm worried about the glue drying gloss so i don't want to spread the stuff everywhere and have the bike look like a burn victim with patches everywhere. :?

    What's other peoples expieriance been like?

  2. I use the dots at work. If you keep the adhesive thin it dries fairly clear but I wouldn't risk it all over bodywork though. I tend to put it in areas that aren't generally seen like the insides of bodywork and any areas hidden by the bodywork, under the seat, any recesses on the engine/ gearbox etc. The more places you have them the more likely there's still going to be some there in the unfortunate situation of your bike being stolen and stripped.

    By the way, the adhesive is actually a type of paint. Look at your bike under black light and all those clear patches become purple (so the cops can find where you've put the dots)
  3. Thanks sblack.

    Yeah the I like the idea of the UV light. I'll find some other places hidden from view on the week end.
  4. Your dealer is meant to apply the data dot paint as part of predelivery, then they register your unique datadot code with the manufacturer as part of the warranty process.
    I do predelivery of bikes, and have access to the datadot register through my employer, make sure you write down your datadot code in your owners manual, as well as somewhere else safe, also enquire about how you go about getting your details onto the Australia wide database.
  5. are you working in a Bike shop Caz?
  6. no :roll:
  7. Yes :)
  8. :?
  9. cool :) .... i guess you are eyeing off some of the bigger equipment then ;)