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data recovery

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Azz, May 13, 2009.

  1. Hey guys,

    Hoping one of you will know something about data recovery?

    I've got an old 60GB hard drive in my PC that I can't access about 55GB worth.

    From My Computer it says that 55GB used in that drive but when you open it the folder that contains that 55GB isn't there.

    I've done a *.* search on that drive but all that came up was the stuff in the other 3 folders that I still can access.

    Can anyone help or know what would be the best data recovery software to use??

  2. Duuuude.... thats a bummer... i use GetDataBack thats usually good...

    OffTopic: pm yours or jades addy ;)
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  4. go into my computer,
    click, Tools, Folder options
    select the view Tab,
    select, Show hidden files and folders
    deselect "hide protected operating system files (reccomended)"
    then click ok...

    hope this helps
  5. MR_PEA... would you have done a Cisco CCNA training course about 2003-2004 at Swinburne TAFE?
  6. not sure if the freezer trick would work with this but its worth a try.
  7. :-k Yanno technically Dave, your MR_PEA or Peah's MRS_DAVE :roll: Sorry dewd, Im ill with flu :grin:
  8. That you are ;) :p
  9. Anyone got any tips for recovering deleted information from a USB memory stick?

    I left one in a clients laptop when I was giving a video presentation to an office in another state and called up asking for it to be told that they can't find it. I get a call yesterday saying it has been found but there is mysteriously nothing on it. I need what was on there, after which I will then proceed to give the lying/thieving AV tech a swift boot up the bum.
  11. thanks guys, gave Getbackdata a try last night but the version I had only recovered Office documents & files, no multimedia files.

    I tried a few different programs with no success... it's now going to my local computer shop for a free quote and see if they can recover it? Already been told it will be $50+ if they are able to recover, that's why I posted on here and gave a few programs a try before I resorted to taking it to the shop.

    Thanks anyway guys
  12. ^ I tried a few programs too, and retrieved what I needed:- plus someone else's files. Interestingly, different programs retrieve different levels of deleted files.

    Is there anyway of sourcing any identifying information from recovered files (or any files for that matter)? I want to show to my client what some sniveling little lier has been doing with my USB stick.