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data/micro dots or alarm/immobilisers? suggestions please

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Marmitemonkey, Oct 1, 2007.

  1. I'm thinking of getting a bit of extra security for the wee beastie, and am wondering which method to use.
    Pref under $200.
    Any advice, or tips?

  2. Get an insurance policy.

    Seriously, add the $200 to your policy and get the best cover possible.

    Disklocks, shmishlocks, datadots or datasnots, if they want it, they will take it. end of story.
  3. Already have fully comp blah blah. Just thought I'd get something else too. Mrs monkey told me I wasn't allowed to buy a big gun. :)
  4. will miss monkey allow for another bike if yours get stolen??
    go the big gun and some proximity mines just for sure keeps :grin:
    can never be too carful...

    just check what happen to this guy


    now if you had laser guilded guns.... none of this would of happen haha
  5. Hidden kill switches
    Bike cover
    Oggy knobs (not really security, but for stacks/drops/pushing over/wind)
    Data dot
    Immobilizer with alarm
    Disc lock

    All up? 600ish.
  6. And not only will your bike get stolen but you will be charged annually and at time of theft for the privilege. My advice is get a POS.
  7. Alarm - Shar-larm, Immobiliser - Imo-ped-ilisor (one for the Mummy fans). Sounds funky but means diddly squat, if someone wants your bike, they'll take it.

    At least with insurance, if you don't get your bike back, you at least get some coin back to lessen the pain.

    But all of the above helps.
  8. Troy wrote
    Holy spuds! From the look of the vid, driving on the wrong side of the road leads to greater criminality!

    Well I'll be off to the Mine shop, and will get some of those laser thingies and hire a bouncer to stand about while I'm away too. Oh and the big gun too.

    Then perhaps some other bits too just to be sure. Prawn heads stashed under the seat should ward off all but the noseless... :grin:

    Has anyone had success with data dots?
  9. data dots are only really good if they try and change compliance plate and sell it off as a different bike, or sell it for parts.

    There's a mob on the net that will install satellite tracking to your bike/car/boat and when its stolen you call them and they can tell you (and the cops) where it is. It cost and initial price, plus more for monitoring, but it sounds pretty sure fire if they hide the device real good.