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Data Dots DNA

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Seth clan, Dec 14, 2009.

  1. Hi Everyone! Does anyone have Data Dots DNA? How effective are they?

  2. Once on they don't come off easily. There is hundreds of them. Have to be careful where you put them as on some surfaces they are easily seen. (yuk) You get more than enough to cover the whole bike.

    Overall it would be a pain in the butt for a thief.
  3. http://www.mdatatech.com/usa/who.htm

    These people sell'em but the results seem good nevertheless.

    I thought I read somewhere a couple of years ago that Subaru was delivering some (all??) of their new models with Data Dots....
  4. Hope it works...and hope thives know what DataDotDNA means...

    I have this on my bike but anyway I rely on insurance not the little dots...
  5. In terms of preventing your bike from being stolen, not that great.

    Basically think of them like the pet's micro chips. If found, they can be scanned and the owner can be identified.
    Applying it to many parts can also deter some thieves from trying to take your bike apart and sell it as spares because they're marked.

    While they won't exactly scare off thieves when they're nicking it or prevent the bike from being moved, technically the fact you have them will stop the "smarter" thieves from trying to pick your bike.
  6. most new yamahas include data dot on all parts
  7. Yuk is right! Not long after getting my bike I found this large patch of something that looked like fly vomit on my rear hub. I was starting to get worried when I couldn't clean it off but then remembered the dealer had explained the data dot thing to me.

    I thought it would be unobtrusive, but if placed anywhere visible it's really obvious.
  8. Thanks Everyone! I thought the data dots are good because:-

    a) they can't sell the bike as a whole, once the new seller registers the bike cops will come knocking.

    b) it's just too much hassle as I'd imagine that people that buy parts will not buy ones with data dots on them

    So would you say it's worth it?
  9. Some insurance companies seem to think so. eg discounted premiums.

    You do get a couple of stickers with it warning about the Data Dots.

    The smart thief won't touch it. The idiots on the other hand.............

    So Data Dot & an alarm / immobiliser & a disc lock should go a long way.