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Dash/Handlebar mods

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by D1rtyW1zard, Sep 18, 2015.

  1. Hi All,

    I am a postgraduate student at Monash Uni. I ride a 2011 CBR250R and I used to go to the Saturday meets at St Kilda every so often. At the moment I am doing a subject at Uni about Business and I wanted to ask a few questions.

    1. What sort of mods/items have you put on your dash or handlebars. What would you want to put there if you could.

    2. If you have put something on your dash/handlebars what was it and what did it take to do it. Was it easy, was it hard.

    The only sort of thing I can think of personally is GPS/Phone holders.


  2. Generally GPS, heated grips, phone holders, ciga/usb sockets, switches, etc. but other people who have modified their bikes can respond better.
  3. Stubby holder.....

    ....yes I am kidding...

    What DJ said above, but also maybe camera mounts.
  4. Heated grips and GPS, removed tank side cover and seat, ran wiring to where I installed a relay that is energised only when the key is ON.
    Not hard but I wire stuff for a living.
    20150809_143212. 20150903_072628.
  5. Now I know where all my spare non-riding time has gone, I just counted over 20 changes/additions to the dash/handlebar area (including screen and mirror changes). Work ranged from pretty simple couple-of-minute swap overs, to all weekend major wiring/mechanical changes.

    1. Heated grips
    2. VStrom Hand guard protectors
    3. LED indicator strip on handguards
    4. UHF radio press to talk switch
    5. Ultra brite indicator reminder
    6. ScottOiler control dash
    7. Zumo GPS (and security cradle)
    8. Trail Tech Striker dash
    9. Additional L/R dash indicators
    10. " Fan On" LED
    11. Oil Pressure LED (work in progress)
    12. GIPro Gear Indicator (with ATRE)
    13. Carbon Fibre triple-tree protector
    14. Carbon Fibre Instrument surround
    15. White Instrument inserts
    16. MRA Vario Touring Screen
    17. BlackVue DashCam
    18. Mirror extenders
    19. Spotlight on/off switch
    20. "Breakaway" Cruise Control
    21. Black CNC "2Wheel" adjustable Brake and Clutch levers
    22. Red handlebar end weights
    23. Black "Renthal" Road Bike Low handlebars

  6. Its the bridge of the USS Enterprise! Warp factor 4 Mr Sulu....
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  7. Hahaha thats a lot of mods on the cockpit, it looks really cool. What bike is it? From the tank and instruments I would guess a Hornet? Did you fit the instrument surround yourself, how much was it and was it easy to do. How about the GPS holder, are you happy with the look? Was it easy to install, is it rigid or does it wobble?
  8. Oh I just noticed it's the pipboy 3000! Fallout 4 in 5 weeks1
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  9. So Don first of all love your bike, I wish the 500 was around when I bought mine the number of different learner bikes in just 4 years is astounding.
    Have you added any mods to your bike?
  10. Hi mate, I've added the following:
    - An SAE connector to make different equipment connect to the battery more easily.
    - Aftermarket adjustable levers.
    - Shad Top Box.
    - Tech Spec tank grips and tank protector.

    Next mods about to be ordered:
    - Shad Panniers.
    - Powerbronze double bubble windscreen.
    - RamMounts X-Grip with stem ball connector.
    - Oxford Heated grips.

    Hope that helps.
  11. I've put heated hand grips on my wee Cagiva 125, as well as a push bike trip computer and a watch.

    The trip computer gives a very accurate speedo, and I tend to fit one to all of my bikes at some time.
    Once you know the speedo error, it becomes less important, and I'll often take the trip computer off again.

    The Gilera scooter had a trip computer, but that has been removed, and it only has a watch/clock fitted to the bars now.

    The BMW had, at various times, a trip computer and a GPS mounted on the bars, but they have since been removed.
    It came with heated grips and a clock, so it now is fairly standard.

    I'd LOVE to fit one of those cell-phone blockers on all three of my bikes, but that would be illegal. :-(
  12. Jeebus. I thought I was complicating my handlebar look by getting a smart phone holder. you win.
  13. The bike is an 07 1250 Suzuki Bandit - with a Premier sidecar, couple of other mods done to the running gear had it pulling 125hp on the dyno (up from the factory 98 ); with its smaller front sprocket is surprisingly quick off the mark considering its weight and size.

    The centre TRAIL TECH STRIKER instrument cluster was purchased because the Bandit being water cooled does not have a temp gauge, it is also missing a volt gauge; this unit has both - plus about 2 dozen other functions. The black surround is a TRAIL TECH option that allows mounting 4 more warning lights, it's going for US$55, it just snaps on over the Striker dash unit so piece of cake to install, wiring up the warning lights is where it gets interesting. The STRIKER itself has two sets of warning leds that can be programmed to come on at different rates of flashing or steady state so I have one side for temp at 100° and 110°, and the other side for voltage at 12.0v and 11.5v. The temp sender is mounted in an alloy tube that is placed in the radiator hose, they have different kits depending on the size of your hoses, link: Trail Tech || Striker - Speedometer & Voltage

    Heres a pic from TRAIL TECHs site showing their VAPOR dash with a closer view of the instrument surround, I've modified the R (for Reverse) bezel by scraping away part of the letter to turn it into "F" for fan and have it hooked up to the radiator fan:

    Trail Tech || Vapor/Striker Indicator Light Dashboard

    The GPS holder is from TOURATECH, its suppose to be for security (it can be locked with a key) but I bought it as insurance so that the GPS can't fall out of its mount. It's positioned so I can easily reach it with my left hand. I've got it mounted on a double set of RAM knuckles to get the height and position, its fairly rigid - doesn't move when pressing the screen when riding, and there is no noticeable wobble/vibration. Once I worked out the final position it was fairly easy to get the RAM hardware setup. The holder itself takes the standard Garmin mount so again it was pretty easy to bolt that in position. Link: TOURATECH Zumo 660 / 665 Handlebar Mount V2.0, Locking, Silver - Touratech-USA