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Darwin Rider.

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Brick, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. Spent some time lurking figured it was time to step forward. Started riding as a kid on a first model Yammie YZ 80. Got a license at 16 and started on road bikes, progressing from a tiny H100S Honda over 20+ years up to my current "improved" BMW K1200RS and recently purchased, waiting to arrive, K1600GT.

  2. Hi Brick and Welcome. Don't think we have many members from the Far North so hopefully you will start a trend.
  3. There's a growing number on a local forum, but they don't tend to turn up elsewhere. I'm getting more involved in the politics of motorcycling, so figured it was time to join a bigger pond.

  4. Good on you for stepping up to the world of Motorcycle Politics. It is a thankless task which bike riders, individualists that we are give little kudos but it is absolutely necessary if various safteycrats aren't going to make it an expensive specialist hobby. I would check out the peak body AMC and RANT in the NT.
  5. Thanks. Already attending committee meetings with RANT. Hoping to have some input as the year roles on.
  6. Hi Brick, fellow Northerner here,

    Unfortunately for RANT, the website is useless and should be taken down completely, as it doesn't make for a good impression if it is not updated.

    On top of that, I am the (volunteer) President, coach and webmaster in a sporting body in the NT so there's only so much time I am willing to spend volunteering, and RANT is competing against TERRA....

    Otherwise, good on you for getting involved! I can't stand it when people sit back and do nothing just after having a good old whine. It is infuriating at times.