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Darwin Holiday Suggestions

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by mid77, Apr 24, 2008.

  1. I'm planning a holiday to Darwin and surrounds in August (gotta love Frequent Flyer points) and was wanting to know if anyone has any advice or places I should see whilst there. I haven't been there before but was wanting to see Kakadu and Katherine Gorge.

    Would you recommend any other spots whilst there? Anyone think it would be worthwhile renting a 4WD?

  2. Great spot - see if you can fly into Darwin and hire a car (no need for a 4WD) and fly out of Alice.

    From Darwin go across to Litchfield for one day, then stay at Kakadu for day or two and go on a Croc tour (Barra also if you're keen).

    Then down to Katherine Gorge. Alice Springs is a good sized town, with a bit to do. Over to the Rock (IMHO one of the greatest things I've ever seen) Olgas, and stay another night at Kings Canyon before heading back to Alice.

    Some big distances, but did it in about ten days
  3. There is a cafe at Cullen Bay, which is famous for it's toilet. Go there. Go to the aircraft museum also. So worth it.
  4. Thanks heaps for the suggestions people, much appreciated.
  5. +2 pretty much exactly same same.
    Mwah and Carri27 did pretty much as mentioned above, except last June.
    4 days in Darwin, then a 3 day Kakadu backpacker 4wd tour. That was fanatastic, :dance: but fair thee be warned says I to thee :-s , only if you like bouncing around the back of a troupe carrier, fanging through Kakadu at 90kmh, breathing dust, rotating squashed "seats" with an Israeli, 2 Italians, a pommie, and 2 Singaporians gals, fruit salad mix, 3 other ozzies where in there somewhere too. :grin:
    We then hired a 4WD camper and drove to Alice and the rock. I wouldnt do it again!

    In hindsight it was a bit of a waste of cash. Cost us $1400+ just for 7 day hire, but it was a one way drop of in Alice-a 250$fee. Juice was an absolute killer. Around 200$ a day :shock:
    Troupe carriers are heavy and you doing 130kmh limit-EVERYWHERE. THEY REALLY SUCK JUICE AT 130KMH. The car hire has every proviso under the sun and they sting you severely with add ons-windscreen-under car damage,and several others available, all for another fee. i went in expecting to hand over 1000$ and couldnt leave in all reality without a minimum of 1300, and I took out windscreen and some other damage-luckily because we copped a 3 massive stone chips and would have been up for big bucks :bannanabutt:
    A subaru wagon would easily surfice and even then, small buzz box if you dont plan to sleep in it. We hit off roads twice, and that was deliberate, just to get some usage out of what we had paid for. Besides in fine print they state you cannot take them off sealed roads-which you really dont do anyways.

    If I did it again I would fly to Darwin-Do tour or car hire to Kakadu,Litchfield n.p. then maybe hire a car and drive to katherine gorge, back to Darwin, then fly to Alice, 1 way car hire to the the rock :applause: which we both found spectacular :applause: ,cliche but true, then fly out of rock to home.
    If your a camper and your going to hire a car,take your essential camping gear and remember it does get f n cold :eek:hno: at night if your camping, We slept in 4wd campervan 100km from the rock and was 2 degrees most nights.